stealth mech (transparent)

This is my first attempt at a mech. It will be placed in different settings ( a room with grass doesn’t make much sense :wink: ) Not sure whether to use reflection to transparency 4 stealth effect. C&C welcome, preferably on the model as that’s all I’ve really done so far.
Edit: Does any1 know how to separate the mesh into 2 objects? I need to use a boolean operation.
The wireframe sphere is prob going to contain controls & a seat. Maybe a human if I can find a good tut.

Try to use IOR. And create faces at the sphere not only have it wired.

What’s IOR? I think I’ve seen it before, but does it relate 2 trans or ref & what does it do?
If I keep it opaque and reflective I need the wireframe to see the controls etc I plan on modelling inside

Kinda hard to explain what IOR is, but I will try to. If you look into a wine glass the thing you see on the other side is deformed. I ain’t sure but I think that’s IOR. Never used it. I’ve seen a tut somewhere. Looking…

[EDIT] Here it is

Refraction maybe?
So you think it should be transparent instead of reflective?

Wouldn’t it be more practical if the legs were closer to the sphere. It looks like the sphere are going to fall down to the ground and kill the driver immediately.

[EDIT] You got before me. Yes I think it should be transperant. Ain’t it transperant now? Or is it only wires? Maybe have it a little bit reflective too. I don’t know what refraction is.

Thanx 4 the tut :smiley:
Will try l8r today, my blender computer isn’t online

Taken off raymirror, using raytrans instead. Added a basic seat & started control panel

To seperate the mesh in 2 different objects just go to edit mode select the vertices you want to separate and typ P then use the seperate option.

Also a thing for booleans; they might give you some problems in the 2.40 version cause it will all the time say it must be a closed mesh so I suggest if you get those problems try using an older release cause that worked for me.

Now on your scene:

Delete the red background(those planes) you cant see the mech really but it can also be because of the lightning.
Als get rid of the grass put it in another layer or whatever but we are focusing on your mech model now so I think that its better of deleting it.

I cant really say anything more cause its hard to see the mech hehe.


It’s looking good - I think it looks rather like a nanorobot - very neat and surgical.