Steam greenlight

So I was wondering what everybody thought of the new steam green light.

I was thinking about putting SWAP on there and see if it gets voted up.

If i did I was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out with coding in the steam api?

i think this could really boost the awareness of the game.

It’s a nice service, but there are both good and bad aspects to it. The obvious good aspect is the massive number of customers viewing Steam, looking for new games to try every day.

However, there’s no telling whether the $100 that it costs for you to be granted access (indefinitely, if I’m right) to Greenlight will be worth it, as it’s not guaranteed that your game would be accepted. It would still need to be passed by the consumers, as you know. Are you sure that your game is of the quality that it would need to be to push it to GreenLight?

Steam gamers are just that - gamers, first and foremost. If something looks, sounds, or plays badly, they’ll see it, and generally won’t be forgiving. It might be best to be sure that your game has the highest quality that you can manage (or, at least, that you personally feel comfortable with) before submitting it to Steam.

Is it even possible to get a BGE game on Steam?
I’ve been asking myself that question, since I saw Endi’s Dead Cyborg on Greenlight.

@SolarLune ya didnt know you had to pay $100 to get on that kinda puts a damper in it plus your right im not sure if my game is up to the standards of most other games on steam.