|Steam! Jugpot|

Hello all!

Back again, been working furiously with my beloved blender, although havent been posting much of my work :confused:

Mother sent me this link


to a new innovative teapot. I could see it was probably done in blender or another 3D program so i thought id give it a whack.

I got the modeling and textures ok, i started to look at some finer points of the video like the steam and water.

My first go was the steam featured in the film.

I tried using a plane with a texture on it but i couldnt work out how to enable transparentcy and alpha… not too important right now,

So i tried using particles, and to great success!

I’d dabbled in this before but only with lame results, so i tried it again and walla!

I ended up puting a cloud texture / halo on the cube (particle object) and it work.


you may have to look closely but you can see the steam.

So far, this is my greatest success at the particle system in blender for making smoke,

This is a render before i put and upwards spot lamp to make it look less smokey


Well i hope you like, More to come.

If you need details, just comment

regards Tek-