steam punk

could I get some tips on what the secrtet of steam punk art is?

Pipes, pressure gages, valves, rivets, decorative motifs worked into the metal supports, and zeppelins.

Take anything from the Victorian steam age, now make a modern device from the pieces.

This is a good example -> Springs = batteries (not the style the content)

or steam powered jetpacks,

or wind up tasers… or?

Brass, gears, steam, and modern tech made from old tech.

In real life… Steampunk tech has a nice little secret.

Hydrogen peroxide mono propellant

Pure hydrogen peroxide + catalyst = high energy steam

Check out “Last Exile”, an awesome steam punk anime !

Victorian-era technology, mostly incomplete-looking, rough, shiny, golden, brass, pipes, valves, steam, boilers, clockwork, etc.
Just google steampunk if you want to know more.

Another good anime that has a nice steam punk touch is “full metal alchemist”…

Honestly, I think that it entirely depends upon … your … (not anybody else’s!) … imagination!

If someone were to try to give you “a formula for” steam-punk, it would be defeating the purpose. It would be robbing you of the prerogative to be creative.

“Go ahead. Be. Creative …”

SteamPunk plays with a hypothetical world in which there is no electricity, certainly no computers, no internal-combustion engines. And yet, also no boring, mundane, physical concerns about what can-or-cannot connect to what. In other words, it very definitely is a fantasy, and “fantasy is what is expected.”

See also: Theatre of the Absurd. “Go and do likewise!”