Steam tractor [WIP]

Hello im modelling a 3d steam truck just for my own amusement, right now i have finished modelling it (didnt do low poly or anything) just basic modelling, and now im gonna try to do some materials as well. Also i should add this is my first work on blender, i have only worked before with 3ds maya and max but only for a short time. So far this is what i got. Im having some problems of trying rust to appear in areas i want, and for it to look realistic thought. N

Newest render:

I think I made one like that last year!
you should be able now to add pics in thread now!

show us like a matcap render
show us a wireframe for topo may be!

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Well i guess this is what you asked for? Umm im not using mapcaps not sure what they are for as i mentioned im new at blender. Right now im using only this node setup, to get a mask of the rust, im painting over in uv maps with photoshop for it, to add rust to the areas i want, becouse i dont want all of it rusted just the parts i bassicly started already doing you can see it the pic, althought it still doesnt look even close to good, not sure how could i receive a nice effect of rust around lines, connections, strapouts, gears, i mean anything that is out of the original part.

beginning to look good
are you doing it in cycles ?

my model did not have a wheel in front !

it’s just that matcap allows to render 10 times faster with a sort of clay mat
but if you already know about UV you might not need it !
you already have some 3D know how from other soft

happy cycles

Yeah im doing everything in cycles engine, since it was my first model i did many many mistakes, didnt try to achieve low polys and stuff, so that way some of the uv maps are distorted, for my next model i will surely make less of poligons to make a nice uv map.

is there some reference pic for this model

your not that high res more medum res !

there is the chain which I don’t know if it is good or very low res !
have to see some real model to better see the differences!

show us other angle view

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Nope doing it all from scratch and my own head.

What you mean by “your not that high res more medum res !”

adding some pictures of what you need

just looking at you wire mesh this doe not look like super high res!
did u use a lot of high level subsurf ?
looking at last pic you could increase verts count for some parts
like shafts with gear that need some smooth or edgesplit !

gear are sort of low poly
did u use the script to make gears or did it with spin tool?

that chain link looks very low poly
I can give a thread with a sample file for a nice bicycle chain higher res then that one!

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Well i didnt use any kind of subsurf couse not sure what it even is :smiley:
Yeah i noticed the verts problem and will add some more.
Still any ideas on how to make the rust more realistic?

this is UV so may be try to find better pic on CG texture site!

to make shafts try to make it smooth or add a edge split modifier
see wiki page on it

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A little update

Boy, would I love to see this animated. All those gears! I can really imagine it rolling down that cobblestone.

The rust is looking really good so far. I can understand your frustration with getting it to show up in specific areas. I’ve worked with rusty materials in the past, and I’ve used vertex colors combined with large procedural noise to vary the areas where rust shows up. Hand painting definitely gives more control though.

Maybe in the future, yet i feel like that i still need to make it even more beautiful :smiley: I need to make the rust lok even better at some parts and there is still some editing to do. Heh well trust me i would like to animate it, but im only sure on how the back wheels work, couse there is gear and etc, so it is 2wd drive :smiley: But the front 1 wheel heck im not even sure how steering is done there. And the model is from a reference image. But this still needs more work as i mentioned its my first model, and i would like to make it even better.
Thanks for the support btw.

Ha, I understand. I know very little about mechanics, but this is a great way to slowly learn. Keep up the good work.

Thanks and will do!