Steam train simple piston Rig

i had a request for how i rigged my steam train wheels.
so i have done a tutorial
this tutorial shows how to use an IK rig to drive a piston to turn a wheel crank and how to use simple constraints to copy the effect to a seperate set of wheels and how it can all be animated using a single empty.

i hope you find it useful, if you have any tips on how i can do better tutorials then feel free to comment!

if you wish to practice i have included the start up .blend and the complete rig .blend


train_rig tutorial.blend (578 KB)train_complete_rig tutorial.blend (621 KB)

Hi there… I am making the train for a game which will be made in unity… If I rig the wheels like this will there be any problems while animating it in the game??

Hi I made it work with my own wheels (Finally) Now I am stuck with how to duplicate them?? I mean only one side is done so how do I make it usable as the other side?? Just duplicating and rotating doesnt works… niether duplicating and mirroring does… Plz help