steam train smoke in 2.69

this smoke used to work in 2.49…
and if anyone knows how to control the speed of the train…


oldtrainonrails.blend (1.73 MB)

you need a smoke domain (a cube big enough to contain the smoke) with a volume material not halos. and you need to set your particles to have a voxel data type texture. you set the smoke settings in the physics tab

thanks - but that is greek to me!
please say in steps what dimbulbs should do!

or just delete the particle systems altogether and use the emitter objects as a smoke mesh. which works better as the particles seem to emit all at once and clump together which is not the effect your going for!

ah ok ad a cube and scale it to the size of your train track, nome it domain. in the physics tab select the smoke option and select domain from the options.

now delete your particles and with just the emitter selected choose smoke again from the physics panel this time choose flow. do this for both emitters.
select your domain again and in the textures select volume
now select your emitters and in the materials add a new material and go to textures add new and change the type to voxel data.
set your timeline to the beginning and then press alt A, you should see smoke. you will need to refine the settings to get better looking smoke oldtrainonrails1.blend (1.31 MB)

thanks but all i see is a box!


uh, lol. it works in the view port… i forget how to render it properly :o
i’ll look into it :slight_smile:

oh yeah lol, your materials need a bit more adjustment. first in the materials for the domain reduce the density to 0 then increase the density scale. then under the textures tab under influence, uncheck emission colour and check density and emission. it should now render
heres the wiki page that explains it in more detail

did not work in the viewport in 2.69

can you stream videos on your connection ?

the smoke sim has been well documented for a long time, try the blender wiki, blendercookie, blender guru, or youtube; you should find plenty of examples.

i tried
but nothing happens. no video working

nobody seems to make a smoke sim for a MOVING object!
on a train it goes up then back along the train as the train moves

needs work but it works!
moving smoke!


smoke.blend (499 KB)

the sim in the file works. just follow the wiki guide that i posted for the materials. and it will render just fine.

can the smoke be ‘pulsed’
steam train smoke is not constant
dont understand about materials . my little one had only the default ones.