Steam Tutorial Section released

You know it puts a smile to my face to see blender in the front page of something popular

If you haven’t heard already (or you don’t go to the polycount forums often)
There’s a new tutorial section on Steam!

Granted it’s obscure and the average gamer won’t go the there to learn that there’s such a thing as blender but hey it’s a new marketplace for tutors which is great!
I already prefer buying my software in steam than a site

Since steam at least, feels more secure and with all those two step authentication thingies in steam,

Probably won’t lose a serial key, ever.

Also so I can trick everyone into thinking that I’m always on blender 24/7 when really I just have it running in the background while I watch terrible low budget ““entertainment”” on youtube.

Also CG cookie might want to pay attention to this since Steam is a very popular platform…

Edit: Made the post less clickbait-ish