Steam with the particle system

hey guys, i have an interesting question for you. You see, i would like to make a steam engine, so i’ve made my steam engine, textured it, etc. but now it needs steam and smoke. only thing is that i reallydon’t want to use the smoke simulator:eek:(i know big shocker right)
Is there a way i can use the particals to make a smokey/steam like effect for my locomotive


Hmm… not that I know of, other than using bilboards but that probibally wont look good at all. Why not use the smoke sim? If you dont know of dislike using it then there are some good tutorials out there to make it easier. It gives pretty good results if you use it right.

well, billboards wasn’t what i was planning on going to use anyway…i thought of using halos

halos are probably the way to go, thats how we did it in the 2.49 era.