I am wanting to make some steam rise out of a pool does anyone know of a good way to do this the image is static

Same answers, comments and techniques as the following thread could be used:

You could use particles, or paint steam textures on alpha cards, post-pro your pic or whatever. I think that particles are the way to go, though.

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I would suggest that you do the steam as a separate layer, which is then composited over the base picture in Sequence Editor using the Add filter. This will allow you to “steam up” the base picture, and adjust the “steaminess” (which no doubt will require a lot of tweaking) without spending a lot of render-time. (The backdrop, if the camera does not move, would be a single frame!)

Bubbles on the surface can be done the same way: with another layer. This layer consists only of the bubbling surface effect, and it is superimposed upon the image exactly where the bubbles need to be, using AlphaOver. This layer would be sandwiched between the backdrop and the steam.