Steamboat Studio is looking for new members

Hello, everyone. I am a member of Steamboat Studio. We currently have 8 members in our team from different parts of the world, all with varying skills that contribute greatly to the team. Communication goes through the team slack, and all files are shared over on a google drive. If you have any concerns with the method of communication or file sharing and still like to join, we could work something out.

Current Project
We are currently working on our first project. It is fairly simple short. A man during a zombie apocalypse finds a car near a warehouse and just as he was about to leave he hears crying from within the warehouse. Reluctantly he goes in to investigate.

Current Status
Scene 1 of the script and storyboard are complete and ready to be used. Scene 2 is currently in the works.We finished most modeling for scene 1 and the only thing remaining is the background environment. Character models have been created, textured and rigged. We are prepared to start animation but are now taking the time to work on organization, team recruitment, scheduling and to lock down all current member to make future planning. If all goes to plan, animation and Scene 2 production will start next month. Below, you will see what we have already completed. Our character models.


Positions we need to be filled (Stars next to position means priority)

  • Storyboard *
  • Lighting * (Filled)
  • Texture artist *
  • Environment Modeler (Filled)
  • Animator
  • Concept Artist
  • Artist (To make team logo)
  • Sound Designer * (Filled)
  • Character Modeler *

We are a bit full on modelers.

We hope to create many shorts in the future, each improving on the last. We don’t expect anything amazing for out first short but we hope to learn from the experience and improve our skills and the work we do with each new short. I will answer any of your questions as best as I could and will be checking any offers to join on a regular basis.

Please note that communication won’t be constant. There will be people from other time zones that won’t talk back right away, and sometimes if a member finishes their job/waiting to start theirs, they won’t communicate often except when they want to give input on something.

We accept everyone from all skill levels who are interested to learn from the experience and from each other. Please know everyone on the team is also new at working together on a collaborative project and are also learning as we go. We might make a few mistakes which we will learn from and push on to try harder.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are interested.

Please PM or reply to the thread if interested.

Hey, i’m interested. I can texture, light and do environment modeling.
If you want to check out my work my artstation is here

Thank you for your interest. You created a lot of cool stuff and I look forward what you can do for us. PM me your email so we can discuss more about your job, and adding you to our slack/google drive.

I sent you a private message.

More information on what’s plan this month:

Because animation is a big thing and a lot of things could go wrong if there isn’t a good foundation and inefficient organization, we decided to make the month of September dedicated to the organization. Animation and production will start again when we are comfortable and are all on the same page. Also, we are taking the time to for file management, and increasing communication.

What exactly is a sound designer? Music/Scoring or Sound Effects?

Yes to all. Unfortunately, the position is now taken.

I am interested sir and I like team works because I believe I will learn new things from you guys. Email me [email protected]

Email sent