Steampunk Airships WIP

Something something Blender guru competition entry yada yada…

Absolutely awful concept sketch:

(Final image will likely be much different.)

Airship Model sheet

(not full res. I’ll release the final ones at some point)

Modeling so far:

I intend to release the .blend file(s) and whatnot when completed.

Critiques welcome. Bioshock Infinite comments/comparisons will be ignored and need not be made.


Cloud render tests:

Cloud generator is pretty cool. The old render engine not so much.

Hey, I like the clouds very much. Will the ship be solid?

So the clouds are BI :frowning: I cant wait for volumetrics in cycles.

Ya, the whole exterior o the ship will be modeled and all holes will be covered. I’m still very early into the modeling process. Here are a few updates:

And yes, I eagerly await volumetrics in cycles.


A few updates before I quit for the night:

Boilers getting some details:

From the bottom:


I like where this is going :wink:
Can’t wait to see the final result.

nice fluffy clouds.

Clouds look great! Made with generator presets? How did you light them?

Primary sun light from above, behind and to the left of camera with slight warm sunset color. Blue-ish low intensity non specular hemi-lamp above and behind clouds (angled towards camera, fills in cloud shadows) and greenish, non specular low-intensity hemi-lamp below clouds pointed up to simulate reflection off of ground. This worked to create some interesting colors in the darker regions of the clouds. Colors and intensity can then be tweaked and exaggerated in compositor, which works well for a more fantastical scene such as this, I would think.

I’ll have more updates later.

You’re starting very nicely, I like how precisely pipings and mechanics are modeled. Can’t wait to see this textured.

The clouds look nice too. I don’t know what you’re planning to make with all that, but it’ll definitely be good.

Are the ship’s fans going to be always animated? If not, you might want to model them a bit more precisely…

Of course. The current propellers are stand-ins. They will be as detailed as the rest of the model. They will be animated and blurred and all that, though.

Speaking of detail, Here’s the beginning of some rigging (as in ship rigging, not animation rigging):

And some more piping detail:

I’ve figured out a technique for these pipes, but it’s still a pain. I am likely going to be normal mapping that detail, and in the image it’s going to be small. Lot of work for something people won’t notice.


Some last details for tonight:

Some detail on the “mast” attachments and what not

Really liking this. keep going.

Looking good! The only thing looking off is the small propeller things. The fins on them look very thin.

i look forward to seeing the final result!

indeed, I can`t wait to see thing finish. Your clouds look awesome. This has big potential. :slight_smile:
Keep going.

Nice detail. Now I’d put some wires or attachment between the balloon and the masts (or any part of the boat). The current balloon doesn’t look like it’s strongly attached to the boat. But I guess you haven’t worked on detailing the balloon yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Making small pipe detail as normal maps sounds more sane to me than modelling them. There’s no reason the player/viewer would come ridiculously close to the ship.

They are currently standins, left over from the blocking process. It’s just to give a feel for the model. Don’t worry, they’ll be much better.