Steampunk Android Revisited

WIP Videos:



I’ve decided to revisit an older project of mine - my steam punk style female android, and re-do it with a new feel. It was a great project but I feel I didn’t achieve the look I wanted on the first attempt. This time I thought I’d do some modeling time-lapse videos as I went along.

Anyway, here’s where I’m at so far:

And here’s some concept art I did:

I’ve decided to chronicle some of the progress on my blog, so there’s more information on my post here.

Or if you just want to watch the video then heres the vimeo link!

The result looks great. Always nice to see how other blender users’s workflow is (never thought of sculpting the jaws).

BTW, nice reference pictures.

Next video is up on Vimeo:

Here’s some more progress:

And a turntable video on Vimeo.

Love the design!
but one question.
but where is the vimeo you talked about?

And a turntable video on Vimeo, click the image for a link:


oops. My bad. Fixed it. :o

Wow I’m absolutely loving the design and it’s turning out beautifully. If you don’t mind me asking since I am very curious, what are the methods you used to design this model, more specifically the more detailed parts of it such as the headdress, earrings, shoulders, and the top of the head? I would really like to know your methods and an approximation of how long it took you to get those done and put it together. :). Thanks man and be sure to keep up the great work because I am very interested in this model and it is looking amazing. I wish I was up to your talent level so I could create something even nearly as amazing as that. Good luck man. :wink:

@Kain Aldar - watch the videos linked in the first post. They show how I created most of the stuff you mentioned. I also wrote a tutorial on creating patterns that you can find here - which I used extensively in creating the more intricate elements of the design.

I keep libraries of patterns and so forth as I make them, so I can always come back and re-use them.

That’s a very great idea :). Your work is extensive and beautiful. Keep up the outstanding work. :0

just saw the animation :open_mouth:
wow, awesome!
love the little cylinders(or what are they).
was it hard to animate?

Not too hard to animate no. Gears are easy if you set them up correctly. Give the gear object an IPO with constant rotation on it’s z axis (where the axle would go through), and then parent it to an empty. You can move and rotate the empty wherever you like after that and the gear will still animate properly. To make sure they mesh together right, remember that:
No of teeth on Gear 1 = Speed of gear 2
No of teeth on Gear 2 Speed of Gear 1

Also, I updated the turntable video on vimeo to show a bit more progress, it’s a shaded openGL render now just to save time, but it also shows the details a bit more nicely anyways.

Very cool, How did you model the head cover? 5 *'s from me

@ Alleycat, watch, it shows how I make the patterned parts of the head.

Wow this is inspiring work

awesome stuff so far. I really like the concept art.