Steampunk Astronaut's Helmet

This was the result of my little weekend modelling session. I rather like how it turned out and am now considering making a complete astronauts suit out of it. Added a bit of wear to some of the edges with the help of the ‘worn edges’-addon and a musgrave texture to make it a bit more random. Not sure it’s visible enough.

What do you think of it so far?

Modeled and rendered in Blender(Cycles, 2500 samples)


I like what you have so far. But the worn edges aren’t visible, as you assumed already. The material looks a bit like copper. Was that your intention? It would be nice to see a whole suit for this.

Hi minoribus,

thanks for the comment.

The worn edges definitely need some work still, you’re right. I think it generally needs a bit of a paint over (the helmet is supposed to be made ouf copper, though). In the end I might actually make the visor more reflective so that you can’t really see inside the helmet. I’m considering making him into a toy that hangs from a rearview mirror.

I’ll probably focus on finishing my male head sculpt (from another thread) first, before I really move back to this project, but I think an update will be coming soon!