Steampunk camera

Hello ,I’d like to show you my last work. It’s shows ,as title says, a steampunk camera. Camera cast film on a steam, wich is in background (steam display :slight_smile: )
Ok ,here it is. Hope you like it :smiley:

Wow! I’m very impressed. Models, textures, light, rays, DOF - everything is great. Maybe mouse should be hairy a bit.
10 Susanne heads from me :slight_smile:

realy nice but as said above the mouse needs to be a bit hairy and the cheese doesn’t looks right to me.

Thanks for comments, I’m glad you like my work :slight_smile:

Here’s something to think about . . .

When the human eye considers a photograph for the very first time, it is always attracted to the brightest and/or the most contrasty spot in the picture.

Unfortunately for you, “that appears to consist of a blown-out lens flare.” :spin:

While I am, in fact, quite intrigued with the notion of “a steampunk camera,” the photograph that you are showing me is entirely overpowered by an errant blast of sunlight!

I will remamber this, and I’ll try to not make this failure anymore :wink: