Steampunk Captain, Last Call!

Been slowly putting together a steampunk scene. I’m finishing up with the female, goggles, and clothing and am going to start working on the scene. I have a bunch of ideas, but can’t really settle on anything. Here’s the current ao.

New thumbnail:

Original first image:

Really nice modeling! I’m curious how you made that collar.
My only concern is that the lips might have a bit too much bump on them? I’m only guessing. Great job though!

The collar is a mix of real geometry and image texture. The big lace objects are modeled, and the big “holes” are modeled, the rest is transparency masks and bump. Just realized I had bad normals and flat shading on a bunch of them. Looks like this:

Looking really good.

I was also thinking of steampunking a girl, but too tired at the moment.

Keep it up


That’s very good man. I especially love the laces, it must be quite hard to do it, I want to try it so bad.
How do you get all those details of texture in the first “white clayed” image ?? I imagine it’s sculpt but are you gonna stay with a high level of polygons or are you going to bake those details ?

spped77, thanks man.

SOL_33. thanks, the first image is an ambient occlusion pass. It is a measure of how hidden (occluded) the face is and does not have anything to do with lighting. In your render passes you enable AO, and then render it out, and in your compositing you select the ao socket and put it into composite or viewer. The details come from a few different places. the face is sculpted to multires 4, and then additional bump from both normal and bump maps. The collar lace is half geometry/half bump. The shirt is all bump, the badge is fully modeled with a displace modifier. Almost every single material somewhere somehow has at least a tiny bit of bump, some procedural (musgarve…) and some from grunge textures.

Because it will be a still I probably won’t bake anything, and just do a long render.

Nice technique on the lace. I like to try it. Though in your reference image the lace was photoshoped and not a real lace.

What do you mean by reference image?

The top image (with chin visible) is a full render, and the bottom one is the viewport color map.

A strong start and a strong competition entry. I’ll follow this to see where it takes you :slight_smile:

Coming along very well! I have not made nearly so much progress on my entry yet :no:

Goggles with the whistle brought a smile, I’ll look forward to see where this goes.

Thanks guys. I have a new idea, and I’m going to make some sketches.

Well, I got it wrong. I thought it was photoshoped becuase no lace is constructed like that. Your modeled details are what I expected to see in imitation bobin lace and/or needle lace, but the collar is fashioned like an embroidery lace. It results to a very odd looking lace.

It looks odd and kind of cut and paste, what changes would you make to push it more toward bobin lace?

I am also planning on separating it on a render layer and doing some blur and level changes to fake a softer fuzzier feel.

A fine piece of work!

Thanks Carel, you might recognize more than some the authentically modeled badge of the Bobbie hat. Another ao concept and a low sample render of just the woman and goggles.

Well, I haven’t tried making lace but I will try to make the collar with two layers. The inner layer would be simple fabric. The top layer would be the lace itself with the motifs and supporting structure/bars (tjese are missing) added.

wow, wonderful idea. love the sculptural work… do not understand the octopus arm yet, but tit is good for composition.

Thank you Doris. The octopus arm I’m just playing around with different concepts for the scene. I think I’m going to pause the modeling and go back to pencil and paper and try and find a home for everything.

Your last sentence may fall under the Freudian slip category. :wink: Hard to argue with it.

whoops, blush… lol… what a single t does, my many typos, someday it had to happen…