Steampunk character

For blendswap’s character contest I plan on creating a steampunk character. This is my WIP thread.

First, I created animatable interlocking gears moving pipes, fans, and a spring.
Then I textured the gears and pipes and fans and created a small scene. All this was basically just practicing techniques I’ll need to actually create a character.
The render of the practice is here:

I plan on updating this thread as I make progress. I still have alot of learning to do before I can create a steampunk character, so most likely I’ll post a bunch of tests before the rough draft of the character

Next I created two more test scenes, one of a sapphire gemstone, and one of sparking electricity. I’m not sure if I’ll use either of these in the final, but they turned out to be decent demos.

Love steampunk, can’t wait to see it.

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