Steampunk competition (steampunk apocalypse)

hey guys so this is my steampunk Apocalypse scean of world war in which nazi who want to conquer the paris in order to do that they want to destroy the tesla coil which is the main source of energy but templrs are standing against it please critique honestly no matter how rude it is…i really need it and yeha i know that little fuzz at the bottom of the scean and that color imperfection at the top of the scean ill fix it as soon as i reach home thanks guys… I really need your invaluable feedbacks… :slight_smile:

The largest issue with the scene is the lack of a clear focal point and flat lighting. I would move the camera forward to reduce the dead foreground and perhaps move the character forwards to add interest. Drop the background colour to nighttime black, and add some smoke and perhaps searchlight beams to go with the zeppelins. Amp the tesla beams up and add some atmospheric dust and glows.
Good luck