Steampunk Competition

Hi guys! I’m participating in a competition for BlenderGuru now. Ever since i can remember, Andrew Price has been my greatest idol in my fields of modeling and animation, and it’s finally my time to shine. The theme is Steampunk, which most of you know what stands for since it’s quite a popular term in today’s world of sci-fi/fantasy. My idea is to go for a balloon at first. I will go for more detail later. This is my work so far.

[Latest update]


What you making? You might want to get a little more before starting a thread. Or post regular updates and update the first post with progress

Can’t figure it out what it is ???..anyways looks good…waiting for updates…!!!

It’s supposed to be a balloon. Sorry, i didnt realize that i never mentioned that. I’m currently working on the engine of it that will make it work. My main aim is to make it comedic. I’ve been a little held back lately. More posts will come soon.

This is what i’ve been working on for the last two days. Didn’t get to work on it for that many hours, but tried to fit and manage my time wisely. This is the engine that is to run the balloon above.

Finally got to work on this for more than an hour a day. Got the engine and the balloon itself on the same render, and a background that fit the scenery.

With the background a little improved

Coming along nicely

Looks nice! You could rotate the camera bit. The composition is a bit bland. Try positioning the camera below the baloon looking up, maybe?

nice modelling work on that engine. Looks great so far :smiley:

PipTogo, I was thinking the same thing! It seemed to me that the camera positioning was very basic. I tried to change it around a little but didn’t find peace in the results. However, that ashen stopped me from trying out different angles. Thank you though! :slight_smile:

Also, thank you NID and Jamie! Appreciate the feedback.

Got started on another part of the project today. I’m actually happy with how this turned out, specially considering I did it in about an hour or so. I realize that the folds of the arms and some other parts look downright hideous, but I have plans to fix them, just not tonight.

Is that character going to be inside the balloon? or hanging on to the engine trying not to fall? :smiley:

My main idea was to have the balloon, the engine falling apart, and this man underneath holding an electronic fan trying to “blow the engine back to working”. Recently, i’ve decided the i will add people low on the picture who have ropes attached to the engine and are pulling it apart. I don’t know how well that will go, but the man blowing a fan on engine idea is still a go for me :slight_smile:

haha! nice idea :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing how that turns out :wink:

I really didn’t love the background much. I hated how it made the scene look. So, after about three or four hours of tedious failures, this is what i have. like or no?

also i’d like to post my pictures in a way that clicking it would take you to a new window with the same picture, but a higher resolution, size, etc. Does anybody know how to do that? I’ve seen people do it on here before.

A better render

Added a vest to the little guy :slight_smile:

looking good mate, I would recommend leaving work on the background till later, focus on getting the main focal points of you’re image done first. like the balloon, engine and character.

Working on the background before the rest of the scene is finished can be a major distraction at times, and can eat up a lot of valuable time that could be spent on more important aspects in the scene. Also, it will be easier to choose you’re background more efficiently when the rest of the scene is complete, because you will be able to fit it into you’re colour scheme easier. :slight_smile:

I myself fall into the trap of focusing on backgrounds, textures and materials before the modelling is complete. And it always chews up alot of time and i end up changing them later on anyway lol. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamie! :slight_smile: