Steampunk comptetion: Robot titans!

So i decided to try this out after i discovered it during English class!

programs to be use:
gimp and or photoshop
render engine:
1920x1080 100% res ( may do larger res depending on how big the scene is)
Samples: depending if i get my render server up 3000-10000 samples

man lost freind (spiders random stuff every after battle

i will update on the drawings and sketches regualry, most likley dedicating two days to proper planning before i get to far into the modling faze as we do have 21 days left for this

Here are some more images, this is for the characters leg and body

- here is general layout of the scene, but the spiuder is being rebuilt as i couldnt get the body right

Okay i have finsihed the leg, just will texture it when im ready just ant to finsish the body first

heres a rough idea of the body of the titan, or the bigger of the two charachters!
hes like a titan from titanfall ( a guardian/ ul;timate steampunk robot butt kicker)

Looking alright :slight_smile:

Awesome concept Geckoart, I like the colours on your spider concept sketch - definitely gives me a sense of steampunk. I also think it’s a good idea to rough out the 3D scene like you have. Looking forward to see more.

any criticism iwouold be awsome because all i have is paretns and they dont know jack XD

I added some textures too the boiler on the titan, also added some clunkys and base texture until i mak my own!

Man that boiler texture looks awesome! Nice work Geckoart.
Just be careful with the cogwheels, they look out of alignment to me.

  • added in the arm with hydrolics etc, just needs a hand and some awsome guns
    next item planned is the head!

-wooohhhoooo i can now post instantly!
also added the arms to both sides and added the wings


  • here is the basis for the spider, just need a head and then i can get into texturing

You better hurry :slight_smile:

darned exams :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve got
-an interesting art-style.
-wonky perspective in your sketches.
-fabulous boots and shadows for your titan-fly-thing.
-very little time left for the competition.
Looking interesting. Like the stylized proportions and cartoon-ish feel. Keep it up.

Regarding these exams… glad I’m finally done with school…^^

p.s. Reading the headline and the first sentence, I recommend you to embrace your English classes. ; )
(Edit: seriously, they’re important anyway… nothing personal!)

That was very rush as i have been pressing on in finishing this so i can get back into studying for my last final!

-Here is the final version of the body (without textures as i will finish one i am done everything (easy peasy :P))
the legs are already done as before and textured, and to be put in seperate due to transfer issues

truefully, dont think i can finish this :confused:
have all the main parts but compositing this wold be a (female dog) and i have to work tommorow wich eats all my time to mode and composite and wont have time to render, so it was a fun run

Pity as it was coming along nicely, I would still suggest finishing it as you have spare time and keeping us updated.