steampunk / dystopian rocket ship

if any of you happen to have perused my site “” you may have noticed that i’ve been working on a side project, and am building assets for it. the current thing i’m working on is a rocket ship, and i figured “what the heck, i’ll go ahead and submit a WIP thread over at blenderartists.” so here it is :slight_smile:

here’s 3 different renders, all from different dates in the process. not sure about the style of those wheels…


two thumbs up! although the cockpit has a sort of angry look, which is not something I would relate to steampunk and 30’s-era style.

hmm… think i should remove the “cross beam” thing over it? my original concept came from this, altho i’m wandering away from it toward a style more my own:

Looking good. The cockpit looks angry because it resembles the silhouette of an eye with a furrowed brow. This also makes it look more cartoony. I would suggest rounding it out to a little more of a spherical shape. Though, that’s just a personal preference of course.


Just a real quick doodle, but i feel something like this would work a tad better (IMHO). Gives it just that extra 30’s-swing, a full glass cockpit is something modern and doesnt quite mix with steampunk


finally an update. yeesh. this project is getting complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, took some of your tips here and there; here’s what i’ve got so far.


Liking it! Cockpit looks much more periodic correct(to me) and a bit more funny, slapped togheter,

That cockpit seems to fit much better, You might want to add in some of those cross bars on it though, to blend it with the rest of the ship better. Is there a hatch or something on the top to get in? I look forward to seeing it textured.