steampunk flower (BG contest)

steampunk flower for the blenderguru contest… although, I just notice there can’t be anything from the store, so the grass on the front need some work.

You can get pretty good grass with Mason Menzies’ guide on grass (see here :

The center part of the flower is make from array of gears and contraption

This is great so far, One thing that might help is a brighter red on the leaves, not too much but the color contrast would look nice.

Looks awesome! If you add a steampunk bug would be very powerful

The image is very green, there is no color palette of any kind. Mixing steampunk flower with real grass doesn’t work for me, maybe make the grass also steampunky?

The center of flower covers very small area on image and has tiny detail - its hard to see what that is. Maybe different composition? The camera could be pointing from below looking up, so the sky will be partially covered - this would let you use light-rays. The scene could also feature some smoke to enhance this effect and add atmosphere - smoke belongs to steampunk.

I think you have very nice concept - usually steampunk features big massive machines etc. Creating a steampunk miniworld could differentiate you from your competition.

Put some character in - like that bug or steampunk bee and try to tell a story with it. This will put emotion in the picture. That bee could look like a mini supercute zeppelin .) Everyone likes cuteness.