Steampunk flying ship

hope you like it, it’s a walk’n’flying ship in steampunk stile!(Bird model belongs to Bick Buck Bunny, license CC-A 3.0, thank to Bick Buck Bunny for the bird model!)


Do I like it? YES!!! Wow that is good! Blender internal? Yafaray? Lux? Indigo? Which rendering engine did you use?

Ahhha!! The Bird! Totally awesome! Great image.

thenk you :D! just internal, i’m also surprised of the result, was thinking that internal has a lot of limitations, but after it’s really powerfull! and gimp follow his track!

WHAT??? I didn’t see that before! The Bird from BBB HAHAHAAHAHA!!!

Internal? Wow! I’m also surprised!

Sweeet! Watch out, Frank!

Nice work. Internal will surprise you sometimes, won’t it?

thank you, blender surprise me every time i use it!! wonderfull tool, the best!!

So, let’s see it walk’n’flying, or whatever it is supposed to do…

Just kidding, I like the steampunk theme and I’m impressed!!! Great work!!

Hope to see this pic on the front page of BlenderArtists soon!!!


This totally belongs on the banner up top!

Nice Image, but don’t forget to attribute the bird since it is CC-A 3.0.

oo that’s awesome! is that glare done with nodes or other software?

i’ve edit the first post, is it good like that? thank you to remember me!

for the glare, i’ve done it in gimp, all the post pocessing was made in gimp!

thank you all for the replies!

wtf just wonderful!!!

Amazing! Love the mood of the lighting.

4 stars for the steam punk ship plus 1 star for an original use of the bird! :smiley:

I think this is a very good render.

thank you! =)

Yeah, I’d like to see that too… it looks like something out of a Terry Gilliam cartoon “Gilliamation” or something like that. Maybe even have the bunny as the ship’s captain. :smiley:

Really nice, but I already said that. :wink:

Brilliant work :slight_smile:

uh yhea i would like soo much to give life to this model, but the number of polygons is really too high!! do you know a free renderfarm?? muahah