Steampunk game UI window

Guys&girls, please check this out!

I need your harsh critics! :slight_smile:
I want to get a new job so I’ve done this UI for my potential employer.
The game PROBABLY is an online “casual” adventure. Can’t say more than that b’coz I don’t know a lot. The type looks almost (I didn’t saw any other screens than maps and this background) like
Cynga games (different “farms” with a lot of small tasks, you know probably).
It’s all about casual gaming, slick reflecting buttons, nice icons and etc. So even that I prefer a true steampunk style my art will not be that true-type.
It’s a test task. The girl, the background, icons and texts aren’t mine!
It was given to me as references.

The main questions:
Does it fit to background, character and icons.
Does it looks definitely rendered?
The idea sucks or not?

I won´t say anything harsh, it is really beautiful :slight_smile: Now I see that I can use Blender for graphic design too haha

Ok so I don´t exactly know what kind of game Steampunk is, but I do think that the background, the girl and the whole design of the window fit together perfectly. In design I like when things are clear and easily readable, in your UI they are, so nothing to crit here. Moreover, I love the detail of the wheels in corners and the connecting tubes between windows.
Maybe one thing, but just a small one, the girl should be IMO more centered, and her legs shouldn´t be erased down in the bottom, but that´s just a detail…

Cheers! The idea doesn´t suck at all :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile: I forgot to say - it’s an online “casual adventure” PROBABLY. So it’s from type like Big Fish Games. “Office games” :))
P.S. The girl isn’t mine and legs… It’s the original picture :slight_smile: I’ve erased them a bit to be not looking like “cutted”. Creepy!

Who said something about suck? lol
Actually is beatiful, when can i play it?

Thanks for cheering me :slight_smile: Only suxx (that I see) is that I did this for about a week. Also I got a cold so I couldn’t use all my time. But the employer should not know this :smiley: In our territories employers doesn’t like ailing people.
I need perfectness about this design. Because obviously they want this from me. I suppose one thing but not sure…

About “to play it”:
I hope to work in this company :slight_smile: If I’ll do, I’ll make credits to Blender in the Community so I think you’ll know about it.
Oh, don’t become “farm addict”, if you’re serious! :slight_smile: It’s a waste of time, I was almost in that (my ex-boss told me to test another game of other team)… That wasn’t too hard to go out… But I’ve found it can become a “great” procrastination of your real affairs and maybe life things (it’s closer to WoW-addictions).

Also… What do you want to see in such games? I mean generally and in the UI part also. Some cool animated gears, cool robots, techniques? Or is it better to just play and collect items (as it works now in most of that games), follow the story (or stories)?

Moolah: This is really nice :slight_smile: Good job!

Personally I would add a small train on the train track bridge just to fit more with the gears as well as perhaps a little plane like in the selection, in the right pond beside the dock. I would also dirt up the entire UI thingy, especially where there is shiny metal, to make it even more steampunk ish!

My 2 cents :wink:
Peace and keep it up :wink:

collect items or hit monsters, thats business

Not bad for the style you’re going for. There’s a lot of work in the art you were given and your stuff compliments it quite well. I’m glad you resisted the urge to put too detailed of textures on everything as it would have taken the focus away from those things.

2 suggestions:
more gears in lower right
add slight vignette to background image (not too much)

I think this looks good - very clean.
Personally I would add a tad more contrast and make the metals more shiny - they seem rather dull right now, but are completely clean.
Good job though, sorry I don’t have anything more useful to add!

This looks really good, I don’t know what to critique here. Maybe adding a train on the tracks will increase interest as well as some low poly people in the background as right now there’s no signs of life in the background. You could also play around a bit with compositing but you wouldn’t need too much.
Overall, it looks very appealing! Is the game out yet?

It looks good, but I agree with the critique that some more light-effects on the metal would add some shine and make it more dynamic.
also the gears in the lower right. in steampunk they mostly use brass or copper gears. with this kind of designs:
Thats all the critique I have. Good job and keep it up.

Ha wow incredible. It looks really great, only things I can see to change is the colours of the metal in places, like the gears and around the piping. And also the bottom panel with the crates doesn’t have any cables/pipes running to and from it, I’m not sure if that’s on purpose, just noticed the others all did.

Looks good. One minor thing, if the girl is not the only character in the game, and if some of the characters are facing left instead of right, the horn in front of her face, which looks like some kind of hearing device, would not work. But if it’s just for a test, then it probably doesn’t matter.

It’s quite good btw thx for com…, for me only some part’s are too clean i just give some dirt texture on low opaticly or somethink like that.

It is clean easy to read, perfect!. i like the world in background really cool.

Thanks all! They liked it a lot and said that possibly I’ll be called for an interview about job.

@JeannotLandry, you’re right about adding some trains and etc. but this is not necessary to show my skills because the whole back isn’t mine. I’ll put some dirt on UI maybe if I’ll do my version. This smooth clean view is closer to casual games. You gave me a hint for idea though. I’ll add some little defects on edges somewhere. It will be next if I’ll be working there.
@NRK, you’re right about texturing here. I felt like this and made that but I didn’t thought it exactly. I don’t about more gears. I think the composition is pretty balanced. One thing I wanted to add - the metal border on wood nailed with rivets. But “naked” wood looks good too I think. Need to try this.
Vignette - maybe for my portfolio :wink:
@Jonathan L, yeah, probably you’re right about the contrast. Not everywhere though. And it’s really necessary to add “casual specs” and fancy gradients which I’ll add later without 3d graphics.
@solowy, you’re right about the idea but here is no need. It’s a test task. The game is WIP, I’m sure.
@Ristridyn, yeah, thanks for these great examples of steampunk gears! I’ll use it if I’ll be told it’s necessary to replace it. Actually I’ve know about that (copper and etc.) but as I get my task - the design must be not exactly a steampunk (it’s pretty clean and this fits to “casual standarts”). Also these gears are black because it’s better for contrasting the things. Or I need to make a dark back under them. This will mean some discontinuity of the background. I’m not sure it’s acceptable in this style’s context. I’m not a big fun of casual things (in games) but it’s good I’ve got THIS task. It’s a good training for future works in the real steampunk style. I hope to have time for this :slight_smile:
@Kramon, thanks! I’ve already wrote about dirt and “casual” here (1st, to Jeannot).

Hmm, interesting! Can you hint me these colors? You can edit the pic. in any 2d software, put a filter in these places (with mask) and move “Hue,Sat, Value” sliders so it will be easy to understand what you mean exactly.
Maybe I’ll add another pipes if I’ll be told by my future boss :slight_smile: If they’ll call me for a job. Logically you’re right… But as a gameplay sense… It’s just a “monitor” (the lower panel) that shows the rewards after some mission. So I thought it’s not necessary to interconnect… I’ll show the progress later if this will happen (not before Tuesday for sure!).

I’m pretty sure that characters will be looking to the right. But if not - I’ll make two versions :slight_smile: Thanks for you’ve noticed it! Yeah, I didn’t thought about this as a hearing device here :smiley:

This is a minor nitpick, and something that most people probably wouldn’t notice, but:

The teeth on your gears are shaped wrong.

Real gears have specific shapes to ensure that they rotate at a constant speed. The most commonly used is the involute gear:
but cycloid gears are used in clocks:

Again, it’s a minor thing, and if you’re not going to be 3D-printing real gears, probably not worth the effort of fixing. :slight_smile:

Edit: If the gears need to be black for aesthetic reasons, consider blued steel.

LOL :smiley: But thanks anyway!
Actually, I’m a former construction engineer and have designed a gearbox for a satellite’s optical apparatus that is working now (can’t name this by security reasons). That’s why “LOL”. Engineers usually take triangle shaped teethes (speaking roughly) in cases of designing small devices (like clocks and that gearbox I worked on my previous job).
I found good references of steampunk jewelry and ppl use clock gears for this in most cases.
You’re right about involute gears. This shape is stable, theoretically/practically proven and is very useful for expensive machines such as helicopter reducer-gears (not in all cases).
Aesthetically I got that this “bulky” shaped teethes looks worse than “triangle”.

But on the practical/engineering/3dprinting side you’re right!

What’s about blued steel? Are you sure about blue tones? Dark blue?
BTW I wanted to made radial “brushing” but it’s probably off the casual style.