Steampunk Girl WIP (need focused critiques)

This is a character I’m working on for a modeling/sculpting competition at indoCG, indonesian CG forum. In the competition I’m the only one using Blender so no one really give me a tips or anything, and I wanted to show how Blender is actually a great tool for 3d creation.

It’s 2 weeks from dateline and this is what I came up with. feel free to comment or critique.
sorry bout the low samples render, I can’t afford losing hours to render a nice image due to dateline, cause I’m working on a dual core notebook…

for earlier stage of modeling go to my blog

Hello you have a great model there and you have put great details to it. I am no character modeler, but its a field that I really follow closely.

I can’t give any technical advice but just give my opinion.

Are you really planning to make her without hair? Personally a woman with hair I see that more attractive.

Sure that you are still working on the texture but I would like to encourage you to make them as realistic as possible. The skin for me seems so dry. Her lips is the part that gives more that sensation.

Maybe making the expression of her face more relax. Adding eye lashes.

Hope that you continue the great job and good luck for the competition.

I think you have an excellent character design here. I like the way you incorporated lots of clothing, yet were able to show some skin to sex her up.

Hair is optional, but eyelashes will certainly help a lot provided that they are done well. The symmetry of the pores on the forehead is very obvious.

Consider conforming the rubber parts of the goggles closer to her skull, and the belt still needs some work in that area too. I like the jaunty angle of the belt though. Texture on the headband of the goggles is pretty stretched. Jacket materials look good, but the skirt needs some help. Consider ditching the fringe. The shoes don’t seem to fit with the rest, not stylish enough IMO. Also the feet are a little large for my taste, small feet are more attractive.

Don’t forget makeup! A girl like her with an obvious eye for fashion would certainly not go out bare faced like that.

Good luck with this, I think you are close to a nice finished piece with plenty of realism.

I agree about the hair. it is very difficult to make an appealing girl bald., esp in CG. the bump of the face seems pretty extreme, and the diffuse color could use a little more low freqency variety.

Are you entering this in the Blendswap contest? It’s due date is April 1st – you could enter her in both I would imagine.

Another thing. Maybe I am wrong but aren’t the ears a bit too far behind and a bit too small?

I think we can trust that the OP is going to put hair on the model, the texture is already painted for it.

SSS? Where is it?

Just throwing it out there, but the bump mapping looks a little strong to me for the pores of the skin. I would tone that down a bit, and use a little smoother map for the creases in the lips, since it appears there is aliasing artifacts along the edges of the creases.

Hi guys… been a while… actually when I hit submit, I dont see my thread posted, so I forgot about having this posted here…
wow… I see lots of feedback here, thank you sooo much… it’s just too bad I didn’t noticed earlier…

for the hair and skin SSS I’ve been looking all over for a way for using cycles but still having a nice SSS shader for the skin and hair (strand). Finally I did run into a tutorial that help with these issues at here but it’s way too late…

anyway, back to this topic, the competition is over yesterday. I’ve managed to do some improvement on this character so here’s what I came up with at the end of the challenge…

Steampunk huntress and the sandmobile/walker
done in blender 2.61 cycles render and GIMP.