Steampunk glasses

(CCTrevis) #1

A steampunk glasses made for stylization exercise.
Class 2D image - Arts & Design at UFJF College.

Blender still helping me out to get good results in classroom exercises. :smiley:

(James Candy) #2

Wow, beautiful execution on these glasses, CCTrevis! The colors and materials, and overall design, is very pleasing. There are a lot of nice details, from the leather headband to the hairs and stitching around the leather eye pieces, to the tiny gears. Exceptionally well done!
If I had any suggestions, it would be to use a higher resolution image for the bumps in the metal on the front.

Terrific work on the whole, CCTrevis! I’m sure you will receive a high grade!

(CCTrevis) #3

Hey James, thank you. Your comment makes me happy here…
I’ll try to change the bump map!:cool:

(ArasTM) #4

Awesome job! How did you made the leather stick-ups? Really amazing.

(CCTrevis) #5

Hey ArasTM, thank you.
The temples were made through a plane extrusion with solidify modifier applied. The frames were made in the same way.
Node material below (voronoy texture) :wink:


(minoribus) #6

Hey, CC, this piece is great. I like the design and the colors. The vignetting supports the object well and the modelling looks pretty solid.

My three small points would be the bump map for the frames, as James said. A bigger resolution would give better scratches. And there seems to be a vertical stretching of the red leather texture. And the last point would be the deformation of the strap at the buckle. The upper and lower edges should stay parallel there.

Other than that I like the attention you paid to the details and especially the brown leather part with the little hairs and the real seam.

(CCTrevis) #7

Thank you Minoribus,
I have to pay attention to that details you said. Everything you and James have pointed me out are correct.
The more time passes the more I believe details are the most important part in a blender photorealistic project.