Steampunk Goggles

Hello everybody!

This is a new work I did for a contest =). Based on an actual prototype of the artist gogglerman.

Steampunk Goggles (Internal Render)

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Very nice, I’d love a pair of those in real life!

I love the style of the google!

good Job!


Great looking object and render :slight_smile:

My only nitpick is that I could see the low resolution of the tube parts in the final render before I looked at the wireframes. Especially around the edge highlights near the threads.

Incredibly realistic! Good job :slight_smile:

Ricardo, this kinds of things that you make are really great! congratulations, the render is perfect In my oppinion as usual your projects are.

It looks like these googles do not touch the surface of table, at least on the right. They should lie more awry I believe. Moreover I think that the light is too strong while the shadow just under the models are very pale (especially lenses, they look like they are hanging somewhere in the air). Models and textures are great but render could be slightly improved.

Looks great Ricardo, it has this nice style, similar to what a low end compact would output, some slightly blurry, not well-focused photo. It reminds me of some of my beginner photos:).

Great job.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions guys!

Rozmiarek, the first impression seems the same, but note that the front is a little higher and it really does not touch the ground, the part that touches the ground is more ago, did not think to see this angle very well =) agree on lighting, to give a little better, thanks for the tips :wink:

Wow, i cant believe it’s BI! :smiley:

very nice, really well done

I love the look you’ve achieved! Great modeling, shading, rendering, everything. And kudos for using BI :ba:

The biggest thing bumping me is perhaps the depth of field…it looks like the strap is blurred more than the wood table behind it. Regardless, it’s a beautiful image! :yes:

Mistermaster, Yes, I quite like the internal render, I see much potential in it =)

Thanks Kilbee!!

TheLuthier, thanks man! and its good observation :wink:

Really, really nice texturing on this one.

Truly amazing. This is my kind of thing.

Jaw drop. Great work.

I think it’s a great job, I love it!

Thank you very much for the comments guys!

Spectacular! What’s the trick ?!?:wink:

Hehe, thanks man! :wink: