Steampunk Goggles


(michalzisman) #1

This was created for the Weekly CG Challenge #108
Topic: Steampunk Device

Here you can see a short animation showing how the device works and more renders:

(BigBlend) #2

I love the little thingy on the side. The valve or crank or what’s it called.

(michalzisman) #3

Yeah, I think crank is the correct term :slight_smile: Thanks.

(AlbertoCGArt) #4

Nicely done!!! love it!!! :slight_smile:

(Jonnemanni) #5

simply amazing. ^-^

(Ammar.YY) #6

That’s great sis. You make it to the top row.

(sebastiaandc) #7

Good looking.

(Songroom) #8

Very nice indeed. Quality work :slight_smile:

(michalzisman) #9

Thanks guys! Maybe I will improve it in the future, make a more dynamic animation perhaps. Will see :slight_smile:

(RayVelcoro) #10

Nice one, same goes 4 the small animation on youtube.

(michalzisman) #11

Thanks. This is only the second animation I’ve done so far.

(Songroom) #12

Credit where credit’s due, you’ve produced a set of very stylish of renders. Quality work.

(michalzisman) #13

Thanks, Songroom :wink:

(dannymax5) #14

I love to find your work everywhere, you are amazing Mich!

(michalzisman) #15

Hahaha yeah, it’s like Easter eggs everywhere.


Well, this is clearly an old post, but awesome job anyway! Wasn’t around here when this first was posted! :slightly_smiling_face:

(michalzisman) #17

Thank you :grin:

(Cjradical) #18

I love your render, great work!