Steampunk gun

For the last days I have been modeling this gun, because of my new found love for the steampunk style. It’s a WIP so I’m aiming to improve.
Please critisise :yes:


You did a good job with the modeling in my opinion. my only critique: the materials. I think that though the model is well- built, the materials dont look realistic in the way that they are placed on this model, which diminishes it and makes it look less realistic (mainly the wood). One thing i do for WIP materials is just put a color similar to the main color of the substance you are trying to imitate (i.e. brown for wood, shiny grey for metal, and so on) before you finish. That way, more focus is put on the model and the way it looks as an OBJECT, not the way its materials look. I think you did a good job with the glass on the scope, tho. Oh, and next update could you put some more light on it? possibly a white background could help since this is a realtively dark-colored model. The contrast would make its details stand out more.

Looking good! Waiting to see your next update! :wink:

Keep it up :yes:

Materials have never been my strong side, I can post one one with plain colors only :slight_smile: or no colours :stuck_out_tongue: I will be keeping it updated :slight_smile: