Steampunk Gun

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I will hopefully make it into an entire scene. Please can I have feedback/suggestions. I stopped my last project because I wasn’t getting any replies so it would be nice to have some feedback on the latest image I put up.

The next photo will be coming soon.


The model looks nice but a bit to simple for steampunk, try to put more details in the weapon like some little pipes where steam comes out or something like this to make it look more like steampunk

Here’s the scene right now (needs more textures, details etc. would still like feedback):

Here’s the model of the boat at the moment:

I will do this now. I will add some pipes etc. Thanks!

Added some detail:

What should I improve next?

Nice start.
Well here would be some points:

  1. you could reduce the size of the gear a little bit
  2. add a piston in the front for stabilisation or height-varyation
  3. add some kind of a small steamengin to drive the main gear (aint shure what it does/doesn’t fit).
  4. also on the right you could add a steam-generator linked to the pipes.
  5. Put the canons body up a bit, and add a gear left and one right, running in a gearring on the baseplate for steering to the left and right.
  6. It looks a little odd with the main gear in like that. I’ld reduce the right front part, for it seems to be without funktion.

Nice boat too, but I’d put the main of the ropes to the front/back of the ballon and the boat for the reason of stability. And for steampunk-boats some kind of sailcloth - wings or sail - rudders are always nice.

Thanks for the feedback! I should be able to put some of it to work tomorrow!

try to brighten up the scene especially the cannon because its the focus point

Okay thank you for the feedback!

New image coming soon!


New image:

Opinions and feedback?

Added textures and an engine to the airship:

I cannot see the textures in your latest image…

Maybe a bit more light is required.

Cheers, Clock.

I only added a few textures to the blimp thing, the gears and the handle

Added more textures and materials:

Need more feedback!

Well for me this scene looks a bit too empty. You could ad a lot more details. Like tools on the ground, or barrels or ropes, idk. And u should focus on highlighting the mainparts.

Added more light and materials:

I’ll add more detail now. Thanks!

More stuff:

Added fire:

I think I’m done!

Hi, I think it still lacks something, like details, cables or rust. And the depth of field blur is maybe too great in my opinion. Overall the gun looks a bit like a ‘toy’, maybe it’s the combination of what I mentionned.

Anyway it looks good, keep up :slight_smile: