Steampunk Machinery

(PascalDeraed) #1

Personal project of mine created using Blender Cycles. All the textures are downloaded from! Pro Lighting Studio from was used to create the lighting of the scene. I also used some of the CMV vault materials (modified by me) to create the textures. I hope you like it


(PascalDeraed) #2

Clay render :slight_smile:

(PascalDeraed) #3

Clay render 2

(soul) #4

Could you tell how to learn such modeling techniques?


(Luke Hayne) #5

Wow, Incredible work as always Pascal, your eye for detail is untainted. I have enjoyed watching the progress of this creation and have learned a lot from seeing this steampunk marvel unfold.

I can safely say I am eager to see your next creation, kudos :yes:

(DrFugazi) #6

This is a really awesome work! The moddeling is amazing and what I like the most is this deep contrast. Cool!

(PascalDeraed) #7

First to create this kind of scenes you really need to have patience and dedication. I always start by doing lotsa researches and some very simple sketches, sort of knowing how the overall shape will be and what it will contain. Design and uniqueness are always one of the two main goals. I do not enjoy creating things that resemble too much others already exiting. It has to be my own combination of things if you know what I mean :slight_smile: Another challenge is to make everything sort of mechanically correct, make the different pieces compatible with each others and keep the style alive (in this case, Steampunk). This is really important! When all that is done, I start the modeling and it does not matter which part it is! You have to start somewhere :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I use a lot, Looptool. Booltool, Inset (I), Bevel Ctrl B or modifier. I of course extrude a lot and try to keep the topo as clean as possible. I always think ”Animation ready” when I create something.

To answer directly to your question, I have learned through lotsa training and dedication. But training and dedication without a goal isn´t much!! You need to create a goal for yourself!!! I have modeled on the daily basis since many years. Even when I do not feel for it, I do it anyway and it does not always has to be big things but enough to keep it going and that is very hard to do because it happens occasionally that I really do not feel for it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Personal projects are great. You can shape them the way you want it and they´ll give you lotsa answers in terms of learning and solving problems. Now, I am not like most of the guys and do not use any tutorials to learn but instead force myself to discover and through making lotsa misstakes. Now understand me correctly, that is how I myself do things but it does not mean that the same would work for you! I do not use tuts but they are really great to learn from. Did you have a look at or With that said, you will never know it all but will at some point be able to create much more advanced 3D and it goes on…non-stop learning process.


(soul) #8

Additional questions:

  1. How did you model pipes? Did you use curves or cylinder objects?
  2. How did you model 4 curved legs on which the model is standing ?
  3. How many smaller objects the whole model consists of ?

(PascalDeraed) #9

I will of course answer to that as quick as I can :slight_smile:


(Craig Jones) #10

Very nice work on the renders, I love the modeling as well of course!

(foxrender) #11

Awesome work @Pascal, the modeling and rendering is really great. :yes:

(PascalDeraed) #12

Thanks Craig :slight_smile: :)Always a pleasure :slight_smile:

(PascalDeraed) #13

Thanks Foxrender :slight_smile: I really enjoyed creating this :slight_smile:

(PascalDeraed) #14

Thanks DrFugazi :slight_smile: I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(PascalDeraed) #15

Thanks Luke :slight_smile: Design, Uniqueness and detailing are among my most important goals :slight_smile: I always do lotsa research before I start a project :slight_smile:

(theLuthier) #16

Stunning model and render - Great job!

(PascalDeraed) #17


1: I use a curves for that. Create your curve and give it the necessary shape. When that done, select it and in the curve object data panel (main menu on the right side) => Fill => Full, Bevel => Deph (choose a value) => Resolution (choose a value). Done :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

2: I created that using hard surface methods! The displaced edges were created using procedural material compositing but you can easily achieve the same result using extruding.

3: The all piece is made of abit over 500 different parts

I hope I could answer to your questions

(PascalDeraed) #18

Thanks you very much :slight_smile:

(stilltrying) #19

This is a wonderful piece. I only wish I could get 1/2 of that in my assets. Great work of art!

(DerekWatts) #20

Excellent work! Love the sneaky Blender logo!