Steampunk - maybe contest

I am torn between entering & not. I am working two jobs so the time to work on blender will be limited to after hours & weekends. May not be enough time.


I started this yesterday (got to love long weekends) after posting that “bits and pieces” - a watch I was thinking of, and which got a bit out of hand / off track.

The idea is a steampunk lamp, so far. I still need to do a lot of work.

its cool, would make for a cool faucet as well. Throw in a couple tube transistors and… walah!

Metal texture. I was aiming for grungy, not quite. But texturing is secondary to modeling right now.

That’s right, a good model is critical for proper material fine tuning, and applying materials too soon can really distract from modelling. I am almost done modelling my entry, and still have not made a single material for the scene excepting my clay render one.

Another addition - something different. Done last night.

It’s “steampunk”. This is a rough draft if you would off of an 1800th century mechanical clock.