Steampunk MMORPG

This is my official start of my MMORPG. The website for the project is here:

The project has been code-named Tesla, in honor of my hero. So if you join and want to be set as an artist or programmer just write that in your “welcome post” like “I am a programmer” or “I am an artist”. I will see to you title being changed.

Game Overview:
You become transported, via alchemic portal thing, to a distance cluster of planets from Earth through a neat little plot development. There are three planets surrounding a sun. Each has its own Faction with perks for choosing your planet. On one of the planets you are able to build things such as turrets, another you can “free-run”, and the last planet is the alchemic planet which allows for spell like actions. The semi-full history is on the forum, its a long read and not well written.(Sorry I’m not a writer)

At this point in dev. I would really just like another programmer to read-over my network code and an artist to give some assistance with the theme of the project, as I am artistically stunted. The forum has a chat-room which I really want to utilize as communication.

I decided to add a working list of accomplished parts of the game:
(I am posting it in the original post so it doesn’t bump the post)

To-do for networking

{X} - Set-up database
{X} - Set-up DB communication server (login)
{X} - set-up pod server system (maps)
{X} - set-up client
{ } - set-up Chat Server
{ } - set-up Inventory Server

{X} - DB <-> Login server
{X} - Login server <-> Pod server
{X} - Client <-> Login server
{X} - Client <-> Pod Server
{ } - Client disconnect
{ } - Chat server <-> Client
{ } - Invectory server <-> Client

{X} - Lib-load maps
{ } - Download unknown maps
{X} - Player controlls (WASD)
{X} - Player controlls (Mouse)
{~} - Display objects locations on client
{ } - object spawner/destroyer on client
{ } - Actions for players
{ } - PLayers Golem

{~} - Communication (TCP/UDP Propper)
{ } - Data transfer between servers
{ } - Security
{ } - DB Serilize
{ } - Internet source for login IP
{ } - Make Pod server easily editable
{ } - Remove Debuggin Print()

Update 1:

“You don’t know what you are doing.”

-.- . . . Okay, I laughed.

Yeah, I know of agoose and his networking. His multiplayer platform would not be substantial enough for a MMORPG.

The idea was to make the MMO base as a chatroom, that allows you to walk around a map. After that worked the game would be continued. I also would like to release that base to the forum for others to play around with.

Where’s the $$$?

I don’t care about money. I don’t plan this game to make money, if later it makes money it will go to buying a nice server system to run off of. I don’t really have anything planned out for money right now, since that wasn’t a goal for me; however, if that is important to people I’ll give a little rundown of monetary plans.
If donations or a kickstarter ensue later in the game development the money will be used in this order:
(when overflow occurs in any of the primary areas)

  1. Strong enough server
  2. Split between people working on the project
  3. Pizza party
  4. Blender game contest(s) with money reward
  5. Commercial
  6. Buy a really big panda stuffed animal and give it a unicorn horn, thus making the best fictional character
  7. (by this point we already have the panda-corn so) Start a company
  8. Pay people salary
  9. Get a two story fountain . . . Tesla Coil in entry way of company
  10. Copy right the phrase panda-corn
  11. another pizza party
  12. Work on next game

Honestly, that’s one of the best plans I’ve ever heard lol

I worked with Agoose on his network setup and I can tell you for sure that it doesn’t get much better than that. Also after reading on your forum about your network plans I can tell that you clearly don’t understand how to make an MMO network setup.

You have to understand that I am not saying any of this to hurt or discourage you, I just don’t want you to invest a lot of your time into something that you are not fully aware of. There is a reason why there aren’t any Blender MMOs.

If you want to make this, split it into pieces (concept art, modeling, animation, network…), find the best people in those areas and ask them for help or advice.

To prove to you that I mean only well, you can add me on skype : josip.kladaric , and I will help you any way I can (mostly with advice or directions).

Well, a devoted system would be better for an MMO, but be aware of the following:
Networking is possible in the BGE but both the client and server incur significant logic costs with increase in clients. You need to make a very detailed model of how your system will work so you can create a distribution system that reduces calculation and bandwidth for clients.

If you’re not already using a packaging format (such as struct), do so. Otherwise you won’t get far at all.

I was referring to the $$$ that you use to pay all of your teammates who see this project failing just as well as I do.

If you want some help with the writing, maybe I can help. :slight_smile:

It’s not actually badly written, but back story is surprisingly important; not having names for something is a problem. Whilst not everyone reads the back story, those that do can be put off by such details missing. And the number reading the back story is - imo - likely to be larger before a game becomes available.

Basically, folks are trying to determine if it’s what they want.

Sure, I would love to have you add your talent to it. :smiley:

Just wanted to add an update to this thread:

So far I have the client-database communication (login), the database-pod communication (connects the player to the map server), and the client-pod communication (gameplay) done. The only thing left (before I can post a vid and get some hype) is to do character movements. The game is planned to be first person, which is not the popular MMO style, but I think it will be more immersive like that.

I have the programming planned out and I have calculated a mean packet size to be 2 bytes. When casting spells or taking damage this number will be more like 6-8 bytes. (This is not including IP header, which adds 40 bytes) I haven’t calculated the server’s output size but my estimation would be around 2 bytes per player, and that would only be sent if a player is moving/looking around. So AFK’ers do not clog up the packets. My estimation would increase to around 4-5 bytes if the player was doing something more substantial like a battle.
*These numbers may increase when the game gets more substantial, but I don’t see it going much higher.

#Info for less network savvy
The average payload(without header) of a packet on a mid-sized MMO is 31 bytes, and that is about 98% of the total traffic from a client. The average payload size for the server is 114 bytes.
If you are interested in this kind of information, give this a read: I used that for a report I did for college last year. It’s very in-depth about MMORPG networks and their packet data.

I am a 3d artist. I would love to help out!

what happened to your previous project?

@M3Gamer: I started the project with no complete intentions. I just wanted to create a game environment. It blew up and I ended up having school shortly after so I turned the project over to the team and just gave them my models and stuff. Coming back to it, it seems like they haven’t made much progress so I would rather join a new project.

I’m also interested in making some shiny futuristic stuff:eyebrowlift2:

At least if you are going to make such a game, do it on q better game engine

Added update:1 Video to the original post.

are there any jobs for me? im a programmer but not in python tho only in java and im halfway through c++. PM me to let me knnow of the jobs available.

PS: i m not a 3d artist.

My battery of questions:

  1. Do you have any programing work that you have done in blender, if so can I see some? If not please take a look at this website: it’s very useful.

  2. How long have you been programing?

  3. I am programing in Networks at the moment, so I would need a programer that has been exposed to client-server communication. Have you ever worked with Networks before/have you ever done research on them?

  4. Do you know the difference between TCP and UDP?

  5. Do you know how to thread a program/what pointers are?
    (This is more to see the expanse of your knowledge, as its not going to be used in the game. Blender doesn’t like threads.)

  6. Would you be able to work on this project long term?
    (I don’t mean devoting a substantial amount of time per day on the project, I mean would you still be with the project 5+ months down the line? Nothing is worse than having a programmer quit and have to go through their half-done codes)

These are the most scrupulous questions I could ask. They are what I would expect/hope someone to ask me if I were to join a MMORPG project. If you can’t answer them all “yes”, don’t fret. You might not be what we need at the moment, but later in the project your services could be perfect for making a smaller system. Currently (until the network is set in stone) I only need one programer, who would need to be able to answer a majority of those above questions “yes”.

If you can answer most of them “yes”: Awesome! I would be very excited to send you a copy of what I have so far to look over.

If you cannot answer most of them “yes”: I don’t need you help currently, as there would be nothing for you to do without a finished network. In the meantime take a look at these sites and hone your blending skill:
(Use them for reference)