Steampunk Noir

Yes, another BG Steampunk competition entry. :yes:

I’m pretty much advanced in this scene and could use some feedback at this point. I still have a female character to sculpt along with it’s clothing and steampunk’ish accessories (mainly inspired by Elizabeth from Bioshock). In the mean time, whatever tweaks in this scene can be done, I’ll try and do. Here is what I got so far:

Object close-ups:

I honestly don’t know anything that could possibly make this scene better…Very nice! I LOVE the clock!

Fantastic work so far man! One of the best i’ve seen yet.

Great modelling, texturing and materials.

Awesome work Quacker, your modelling and texturing are top notch, this scene definitely feels steampunky to me. One thing: maybe set this to be at night or in the evening? Might give it even more atmosphere, up to you.

The only suggestion I would have is to light up the scene a bit more. You’ve got some intricate details on the front of that desk that are hidden in the shadows. It would be nice if those were a little more visible.

Suffering from the same disease as my entry I think; too flat, bad lighting, over textured, and too much post pro or saturation. Great ideas though!

Thanks for the feedback…appreciate it all. :slight_smile:

Not too sure what can be done regarding the lighting. I’m kind of limited with the sun’s direction coming from the window. There is an HDR which helps metal pop a little, along with a subtle fill light light to prevent total blackness in some areas. If I crush the shadows/blacks I’ll lose details on some of the objects scattered around the scene. Need to do some experimentation here.

Saturation is something I struggled with in my scenes lately. If I set the saturation around average, it will look good on an IPS monitor (which have inherently more saturated colors), but would look like crap on a TN panel that tends to have more washed out colors. Striking the right balance is a tricky thing for sure.

Over textured? Can you elaborate on that one? :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is the render without post processing. What do you guys think, especially regarding the colors? Shadows do pop out a little more.