Steampunk pocket watch

Hi . This is my latest project, which i made for one contest. Hope you will like :). As a render i used Cycles.
Wire you can found here

I know it’s about the pocket watch, and its beautifully detailed model…but I LOVE the mushroom, lol.

Awesome!! Nice lighting… :smiley:

amazing, everything is perfect :smiley: but I see the cursor showed up in the first picture…

Good work! I woud suggest only tofix a little the depth of field

Very nice, was trying to make a pocket watch the other day aswell, what font did you use for the numbering?

Quite nice, however, it needs more passes, you need to click view only renders and than the 3d cursor won’t be in the shot. Also, how did you do that stone? it’s very nice.

the shadow over the dude’s face is irritating… not sure how else to put it.
other wise it’s super epic :slight_smile:
Though a high res image would be nice :slight_smile: i tend to do all my cycles renders overnight

Nice work,i like steampunk :wink: !!