Steampunk Robo

I started to create a little robot…

then added some legs…

and gave him arms…

now I’m over the details…

lol, cute :smiley:

Hey this little buddy looks great !! you did an amazing job :). I have some advice (just my point of view) if you need some critique:
First of all his eyes contrast way to much with the rest of the body (just look at Wall E movie for some good references) and it feel strange to me.
Next up, maybe you need to add some variation in your rusted metal textur. For example you can add Dirt or watever on his foot.
Finaly his spiral spring and the piston looks too shinny and clean next to the rest of the character.You can add some Scraches to increase the old effet that you want (I guess lol)
And One last thing, the finger looks realy tiny and useless maybe think about some sort of pliers or something like that.

Again great Job keep going I love this little boy xD. Hope my advice will be good enough . See ya :slight_smile:

I like the rusty feel on it. The eyes should be mechanical too.

I agree with Hans, the eyes should be mechanical, but maybe keep their emotion somehow?

Yeah like the ones in the Terminator movie.

Love the emotion on this guy! Great details! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for these suggestions. I will try to implement this.