Steampunk Robot for BlenderGuru's competition

Alright I haven’t been getting enough feedback or critique for this model I’ve been working on, for the BlenderGuru competition(the theme being Steampunk). So I figured I’ll post here. Help me, oh Wise Folk of BlenderArtists! Let loose your trigger-happy criticism. :yes:

So this marks the first time that I worked on a human or humanoid model for long enough without giving up on it because the chest looked too big or the abs looked like a hill range.
Also, I didn’t plan on the character looking like Iron Man or Ant Man(ignore this, if you think they don’t look like either).

The image has a slightly oil-painting look to it, but that’s only because I used the Accented Edges filter in Photoshop. I’m not entirely sure whether it works in my favor, so please do comment on it.:confused:

I want to know if there is anything more I can add to the character to make it seem a more steampunky. Because I feel like if I spend too much time working on the character, then I won’t get as much time to work on the enviroment. Yes, there is going to be an environment. :cool:

I also made a gun, but I have no clue how to position it with the character without changing the camera angle and without modelling fingers. I really don’t wanna do either of them.:no:

Anyway, your feedback is much appreciated. :):slight_smile:

UPDATE: I added a cloak, and a gun that you won’t see unless you look carefully. Actually, scratch that. You won’t see it at all.

:open_mouth: You have just beaten everyone.XD

Haha, I’m glad you like it. I doubt I’ll win, I’ve seen some mad creations out there. Plus, my image isn’t selling a story. I just have a cool looking robot.

I’m not sure if I’m going from bad to worse with the changes I’m making.

Link is broke :confused: Looking good so far though!

Thank you very much, bruh.
I just checked out your tractor, and now I feel the value of your compliment just increased tenfold. Lol.

Anyway, I updated the broken link. Check it out. B)

Alrighty. To all the people who’re actually following my work (<crickets chirping>), here’s an update for my character. I think I’m pretty much done wi… no I’m not. Dammit, OCD. I have to add a gun holster. AARGH!
How about this? While I waste time designing a gun holster that is probably going to be insignificant in the final render, why don’t you guys help me come up with an idea for a setting?

And don’t tell me something clichéd like a big mean robot holding a little girl’s hand in a post apocalyptic setting implying that the robot is not as menacing as it looks and actually has a heart of copper or brass or any of the materials that add the punk in the STEAMPUNK.

How much modelling, how much sculpting? Mate, you are awesome. I’d love to at least see a breakdown on this, if not a tutorial. (mostly for the nodes & materials and post processing) You are cool and this is cool! How did you create those little details on the helmet. (the little bronze like wires above where the forehead would be) [actually, in full size they don’t look small anymore]

Is the helmet somewhat broken? It kind of looks so on the sides, looks like you could see a human inside.

What I thought about the setting (though, it might also be clichéd) would be him standing near a funeral stone with some kind of military honors on it (like a flag and a medal), kneeling (or some other pose to show some kind of regret or grief), on the stone to be written a name (make one up :D) and somewhere on him to be clearly visible that same name, implying that he was said to have been killed in war (or something similar) just so the government could experiment on creating cyborgs. Because the metallic suit keeps him alive (his body could not even be in the suit anymore, only the brain) now he could not show himself to anyone, not even his wife and son (ok, this is getting reeeaaaly clichéd, but this part wouldn’t be really told in the picture anyways, so yeah… I’ll go on with the cliché), being forced to live a (possibly eternal) life in a metal armor. Also, he would scare his wife and son if they saw him like this and bring only more grief to them. [son, daughter, your choice, as I said, I don’t believe the part with the wife could be seen in the image of him kneeling at his own grave]

EDIT: Forgot to ask: how many triangles and how much did the render take? Also, how much did post processing take? Oh, and where did you learn to create such good humans? I am good at modelling (or so I like to think), but I fail at rigging, not sure why. (I didn’t try my hand at a real human, I tried a more basic, chibi/bobble-head model first)

Man, this is amazing! I don’t have any ideas for a setting though.:confused:

Thank you very much, bruh. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha, I would always avoid trying to make a breakdown of my works, because I’m… ah, how do I put this… too embarassed? Yeah. My work is a mess, it’s always a mess. From the meshes, to the node setups, everything is chaotic. I can find order in that chaos, obviously, since it’s mine… but I’ve seen a lot of breakdowns made others and I feel like a little child with sauce dripping down his chin in a five-star hotel restaurant.

I didn’t intend for the helmet to look broken, or that there’s a human head inside… but damn, if you say it looks like that, then I’m not touching the helmet AT ALL. Goes will with your “clichéd” story. XD

For the record, your story… clichéd, definitely… but the good kind of cliched. The kind I haven’t read or seen in a long time. I like it. Also, much easier to design than a little girl. I love the Crysis-esque story line about the suit keeping him alive. 9 days left. Let’s see what I can do.

Around 2 million tris, and the render took 55 minutes. Resoltion is 1920 X 1080 and I’m using a thousand samples.

Yeah, see that’s the thing… I’ve never actually done any human modelling before. I’ve sculpted torsos before(male only, I can never figure out the female anatomy… Weird, I’m biologically wired to admire the latter ;)) and once a human head, but those never went anywhere.

Thank you, my man!!
Ah well, considering the time left and that I’m still spending a lot of time on fine tuning features on the character, I don’t think I’ll be scene-ready by the day of the deadline. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come up with a simple setting, or I’ll use AkiraOkihu’s idea.

Hey, I think your work is amazing as is, but if you actually want to add something like a holster, why not add a sword-like weapon? It’d be easier to give a steampunkish look, and you’d only have to do the hilt if the sword would be behind his back. The idea of him going to battle is not very deep but can bring out the best of your great model.
Edit: 5 stars from me by the way.

Thanks, mate!

Lol I went ahead with the gun holster anyway. Thing is, I already had designed a gun and had no idea how to place it in the scene. But I didn’t want it to go to waste, hence the holster.

Check out my update anyway. Not much has changed.

woohoo, no colors.

I need to confess this is indeed one of the best artworks I’ve seen for the competition so far.

You mentioned the story: you’re showing a worrior in front of (I guess) kind of war scene. But the “drama” does not stick out. I’ts kind of hidden. I would make it more obvious to improve the story telling. Like having blood splatter on his uniform. Really minor things that indicate that there is more. Actually funny that I don’t have those kind of ideas for my scene :smiley:

Another top quality steampunk project.
I don’t know why but this guru contest is becoming like the Blender Summer Olympics 2015.
Everybody is spending a lot of time and effort on this one and is in it to win it.
Great to watch (not to enter unfortunately)
Good luck to all

This is top shelf brah. Not much can be said about the modeling, materials and lighting. They’re stunning.

I’ll just repeat what you yourself have already said, it’s just an insanely cool looking robot. I’d toss in a splash and hint of story. Doesn’t have to be much, but don’t sell yourself short on this, this guy is a contender, don’t stop.

This is purely and simply epic, great work! I bit off a heck of a lot more than I could chew, so I have had to compromise, while you took something that might be not quite so complex, and are mastering it. Very wise decision :slight_smile: It looks top notch!

Haha, thank you, my friend. \m/

I didn’t actually design the character for the story. I created the story for the character. I should have done the former, but I had no idea what I would have ended up with when I started modelling a simple gas mask 10 days ago(Yeah, I started with the head. ).Now I have this incredibly war torn character, and the only story that seems to make sense is WAR or POST APOCALYPSE. Obviously cliched, but I think I need to stop using the word cliched and accept the fact that maybe innovative ideas isn’t that easy to come by when you only have a few days left for the deadline. Blood spatter on the uniform. Me likey. But Me Also thinks that the materials would sort of have to be changed for the blood to stand out. :frowning: I really feel like I should be moving on from the character part and put something in the goddamn enviro.

No I actually like your scene’s idea. An Inventor. Or something of that sort.

So much postive feedback! THank you, buddy! :smiley:

Haha, I always figured every contest had a lot of hardcore contenders and this Steampunk is no different. But now that you mention it, I think I can see what you mean. I guess everyone has a steampunk fantasy…

Holy crap, you’re the Policewoman guy. Damn dawg, I tip my steampunk hat to you, Sir.
Thanks ! :smiley:

What with my college starting and all, I don’t know how long I can keep working on this. I guess I have to go with several sleepless nights. But I guess in the end, it will be worth it. To at least be mentioned. Good luck, Photox.:slight_smile: