Steampunk Robot WIP

Hello, this is my first real attempt at modelling something in Blender. I know that the head still needs a lot of work, as do the hands, but I’d welcome any constructive criticism on what has been created thus far.


That’s pretty cool looking, nice job. I like the render. Maybe give the actual arm segments some more detail?


Hey welcome to BlenderArtists Popepollo!

Nice robot! Just a little more lighting on the left side of robot so we can see the details would be good! And that bright spot on the bottom right…ouch…my eyes. :eek: It would be good if that was less bright.

Those are very simple lighting issues nothing serious! I really like those twinkely sparkles around the model. Halos? And the light bulbs at the bottom are AMAZING!!! lol I like them. :smiley: