SteamPunk ship

I was trying to work out a SteamPunk design and it don’t look really SteamPunkish to me. I was going to scrap it but decided to move it into my WIP. Any thoughts ideas on design or crits on what would give it the look I’m after.

I like the observation deck (?) As for ideas, I would just google up steampunk and look at some of the details. Keep it going.

googled to death :yes: and left wondering is there a classic SteamPunk look. Maybe I’ll do a revamp on the details. I don’t want to copy someone elses look and it really hard to come up with something completely original. I’ll work on it this weekend.

I think common things are copper/brass color, metal tubes and connectors, cogs, and gears, “compressors” (kinda like a garbage can with rivets), dials, gauges and a lot of rivets holding everything together.

Stop. Close down Blender, get some paper and a pencil, and sketch some ideas.

When you’re modelling, you’re solving a bunch of 3 dimensional spacial problems, you’re engaging the logical half of your brain to solve these problems, and you’ll often take the path of least resistance and fall into the trap of allowing the mesh to dictate the shape of your object rather than the other way around. If you try sketching some ideas out you let the creative side of your brain take over and (assuming you can draw okay) you’ll probably end up with something that looks pretty okay, and then try to realize those shapes in 3d after you’ve pinned them down.

If you can’t draw, then I recommend trying to find an existing piece of concept art and trying to model that instead.

I think the shape and idea of it look really cool (: when I think of steampunk, one of the things I picture are panels of metal bolted together, so maybe for some of those creases, instead of letting it flow as one piece, maybe you could tear them apart and just bolt them together.

Just an idea, good job so far!

Food for thought. Lofting in Rhino3D I can visualize what’s in my brain, working in Blender is kinda backerds to what I’m use to. And yes I have noticed that the mesh dictating my next tweak to fit in what I am creating. I’ll do some drawings and see where that leads me, most likely a total revamp and redesign. Thanks for the input guys it does help.

I was thinking bump for rivets and corrosion but I have not got that far with Blender. But showing more defined seams in construction would define the look. thanks

Always fun to see more Steampunk.

As well as the large amounts of brass, wood, piping and so on, I find Steampunk in it’s many various definitions to be a sort of celebration of the decoratively unnecessary.

Flourishes, external components like dials, gears, pipes, tanks, boilers, pipes, bolts, plates, welding, valves, pipes and so on, painted details, raw details, grimy details.

Designs where someone has gone to town on the extras, sat down and thought - hmm, could use a little more stuff.

With that in mind, it can be a little hard to nail down a ‘look’ for Steampunk given that it is such a collection of details.


A couple of my Steampunk pieces. Should do some more. Maybe next year.

Anyway, if you are still a little stuck, I would agree with taking up the pencil (wacom pen, paintbrush, etc) and leaving the 3D for a bit. Everyone finds inspiration differently though. If you like your original form, perhaps print out a screen capture or render at 30% opacity and just draw little details all over it.

Forget about how you are going to model it for the time being. I used to worry about that when designing things on paper and it held back the sort of designs I was going to do. With the improved bump mapping options alone, many details like rivets and bolts can be textured on instead.

Anyway, all the best with the project and welcome to the forums!

Starting to find that SteamPunk is an art form unto itself. This is gonna take longer than I thought. Cute vid, really cute.

Thanks. Hoped after posting that I wasn’t threadjacking. All the best with your Steampunk explorations.

Threadjacking, not at all. seems to me just someone interested in seeing success, btw love your site. Geez not I gotta get to work on mine… lol

Revamped or should I say remeshed with the same basic design ideas.***

At this point are the domes the bridge and rear decksDetails .There is still a lot of detail that is leading to side projects that are reuseable items. The steampunk look I feel will become more clear with following additions. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

I like the lines of the new form, and I really like the domes and and the detail so far. Are you going to experiment with materials already or are you going to wait for texturing after ward?

Thanks Craig, it took a while to hash out and the domes were something I have been wanting to use for a while. I’m going to wait on the texturing and bump until after the additions of other surface details and additions. These help with texturing to have areas to add weathering for a realistic look. Molding and sculpture period décor with maybe a imperial-renaissance-gothic hybrid look will fit into the storyline that it is being made for. Now days it hard to find a look and feel all your own sometimes impossible when most bipeds think alike. :smiley:

I always think of Steampunk as the traditional, mixed with a bit of style :smiley: A steampunk ship to me would be a traditional 1800 century galleon ( mixed with lots of brass / metal and something completely outlandish - much like the propeller you have already modeled. Heck, why not make it an airship and have a massive balloon above it strapped to it with lashings and ropes?

I just popped onto Deviantart, and searched for Steampunk Ship -

That sort of thing - Steampunk doesn’t say to me futuristic - that’s Sci-Fi.

I see your point but then again steampunk is not a single genre and if you think of Jules Verne or H. G. Wells it is very much Sci-Fi with a steam powered clockwork twist.
“steampunk fantasy or science fiction” or “what is steampunk” good and fun google searchs
I started with an 18th century galleon modeled into steampunk and it looked like a 18th century galleon modeled into steampunk. Sailing ships lashed to balloons or dirigibles is a steampunk staple that really doesn’t fit what I’m working on.
Think of this way, “20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea” but in the air where the setting and thinking is not earthbound.
SciFi? :yes:
No problem agreeing to that. Thanks for the input Phoenix

I love the propellers and the viewports but you may want to either add a hot air ball as mentioned above or smokestacks as steampunk is an alternate history. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Agreed, it is not a single genre. I like the stuff they made for the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, that was interesting stuff for the car and the escape pod

Made a couple of additions and detailing.

  • Gun turrets and deck railings
  • Smoke stacks
  • A large window in side of hull

I’m working on the adornments like the forehead but not sure of what to do there with ideas like the general mermaid or maiden or maybe something like a dragon. There will be ribbing length and vertical but most of this is going to be in the texture and bumping. Until then thanks for your interest.