Steampunk Spiborg (Spider Cyborg)

Hello Everyone,
I am a double newb (new to blender and new to CG).
This is a character I am developing and looking for some pointers. For now keep it at five main things that need improvement (besides the steam and smoke).
Thank You

It seems you used different blender materials and used them with the “assign” option to make your spiborg have different colors. This does not look really good I think. You should look for a tutorial about texturing and UV-mapping specifically to improve it.

Try and use the edge-split modifier for the cylinder joints on the yellow legs.

Apply a sub-surf modifier on the other legs.

Good luck with your model.

ok, first model, ever, yeah its pretty good, now you just need to head off and learn,
1 how to model grass (too green, too pointy, lacking definition.)
2 how to add a background (just blue, could use a sky,)
3 how to make your ground plane not just stop.
4, how to improve your main character, thuogh you may want it to look this way which is fine and cartoonish.
5 texturing (big imortant step in making models look good)
fortunatly your on the cg cookie forum and all those tutorials are here. :slight_smile:
keep practicing you’ll be doing awesome stuff in no time

Let me throw this back at you. You look at the picture, then you tell me what five things you think should be improved. I am not trying to be rude, but I think you know if you look. Does the grass look right to you? How about the lighting? How about the spider skin? Does that look the way you think it should?

This is a great start and very ambitious. My first model was a cube I subdivided and pulled a few verticies. If I were you, I would go here: Then spend a few says running through the tutorials there. Don’t skip the ones you think you already understand because there are some awesome tips you might miss. Then after a few days, revisit this model and show us what you have.