Steampunk Titan

Honestly, i am completely out of creativity !

i can’t do this alone, i need you guys, the community, to help me :smiley:

My goal is to achive asteampunk dirty look with an epic view from a submarine :smiley:

Thks for reading, looking forward to see some of you guys advice D

That’s an interesting theme and a good start. Somehow it reminds me on Pacific Rim. It surely needs much water. And I think the bump is a bit strong.

I think you need to bevel some of the sharp edges like on that box in the lower right corner and the hands (I think) of the giant right above the box. Otherwise I think just add the typical steampunk elements like big pipes, gears, smoke stacks and the like.

Looks like a good start with the modelling so far Hunterofdeath :slight_smile:
If you’re going for an epic view my advice would be to move the Titan further back towards the horizon and put something big near him but make him huge compared to your big object. A lot of manga cartoons do this really well - they have a massive creature that is crawling over the horizon dwarving mountains and valleys.
Maybe have your view looking down along the length of your submarine and the titan looming over the end?