Steampunk Work Desk

Made in Blender 2.74 / 2660 x 1220 / 850 samples / render time 4hr 53m

Hope you guys like it, all feedback welcome.

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Ugh, so many cool projects I’m seeing now. Also I like the composition.

Brilliant piece man, good composition too. Yet another contender steps into the ring lol:D

Good luck with the competition mate :slight_smile:

Love it. Love the details and the composition

This is great! actually I own a hat like that; except mine is red (I bought it at Looe music festival last year).
Seriously the judges are going to have their work cut out, there are so many strong entries, and this is another one!

thanks guys, glad you like it.

@Carel de Winter, i totally agree, so many great entries

Aw crap this competition is tight :frowning: You guys are way too good :yes:

And another fascinating entry turned up. This competition is producing great artworks!

cheers guys, thanks for all the nice comments. :slight_smile:

So far my favorite of all the steam-punk competition entries. Well done!

I m greatly pleaSed that our community and his artworks are growing drastically… Anyways i love the composition and the overall mood but i think that the plant on the left is takeing a lot of attetion so i think that u might have to take aside a bit so that a Viewer can foCus on that hat mainly… Anyways best of luck (i wont be able to submit cuz of my internet speed and the file format problem ) anyways good luck Any blender rocks…

I really dig the texturing you’ve done and all the details are just a nice touch.

@andrev, thanks really appreciate it.

@Mrityunjay, thanks glad you like it, i agree with the plant, main reason i placed it there was to balance out the chair as the book pile was mainly on the right side of the chair, sorry to here about your entry, hope to see it one day.

@tomimt, thanks, i really liked the texturing process of this, and i definitely spent more time on the details than past woks.

thanks everyone for the nice comments. :slight_smile: