Hi, i just want to share again my latest model & render. blender internal render+GIMP. CnC are very much welcome! Hope you like it!enjoy


That’s very cool :slight_smile:

I really like the design of the character. Great job :smiley:

He’s really cool looking. Was it an original design?

NinthJake:thank you sir!

Consideringthepickle: no sir, i just get the 2d concept design from internet. thank you for dropping by.

Interesting! Well done, although I would like to see a little more detailed texturing. It appears you just slapped images on the meshes instead of handing painting something more accurate, though I could be wrong.

that’s awesome!
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That looks awesome especially with the backgrounds. One thing though the bottom middle of the cloth blends in with the background and looks funny. Also I think a frown on his eyes and facial expression would make him alot more interesting.