(Ride the flow) #1

Hey guys, I’m proud to show you my last project wich took me about 20 hours. I made the concept sketch when I was 14 but I totaly forgot it. I found it hidden behind an old math lesson last week, (I’ve always hated math class :() so I decided to model it. Critics are welcome.

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(Ride the flow) #2

An other version:

(Owldude) #3

Those wings are awesome. =) It’s a really cool model overall, but I think organic tentacles seem a little out of place in a steampunk render. Just a thought.

(Ride the flow) #4

I always think that octopus are animals wich looks great for steampunk mechanichals due to the tentacles. Then, it’s especially this unusual effect that I wanted.

(Ride the flow) #5

And the clay version:

(Ride the flow) #6

I forgot to share the original sketch made few years ago:

(Ride the flow) #7

If you are interesting to know how I modeled the tentacles, check this link:

(IconW) #8

As I’m not so picky how I like my Steampunk, tentacles are a nice touch. Brings some Lovecraftian feel to it.
But otherwise I’d like some “patina” and wear for the metal parts. Now everything seems a bit too shiny. In my mind Steampunk is all about old brass, gears and victorian parts.

The sketch is really cool!

(Ride the flow) #9

Yes it’s true and I totally agree, I should add dirty map. Thank you for your comment it’s motivaing.

(Little_Bernard) #10

Very original subject! Very good texturing!

(Ride the flow) #11

Thanks #Little_Bernard :slight_smile: