steampunkish vehicle

(pofo) #1

I’ve started on yet another model without finishing my old ones.

Not really finished enough to be much to comment on, but comments are of course welcome anyway :wink:
Also if you know any good images that could give some inspiration (I’m almost out, think there’s some left in the fridge) I’d be most grateful to know.

  1. pofo

(digitalSlav) #2

taking pipi longstocking to the mystery island?

looking great man!

now you just need the little monkey and your set for your trip :wink:

(fullback) #3

I like it. Looks like something out of a Jules Verne novel.

If you ever animate it make sure to include some good sputtering sounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

(pofo) #4

Thanks for your comments :smiley:

I don’t remember Pippi ever using something like this, but then it was a long time ago I read it ;). Reminds me more of Dr Snuggles.

I was actually aiming for something a little “Jules Verne-ish” with a slightly comical tone :slight_smile:

I’m no animator so I’ll keep it standing still, but you’re definitely right about the sputtering.

  1. pofo

(dickie) #5

i like it!

(valarking) #6

nice mechanical modeling, id love to see it textured