Steel Storm enters Android

At last, we ported Steel Storm to Android (still using Darkplaces engine on Android):

Most of the art was done in Blender.

Note: Runs well on devices with Tegra 3+ GPU and SXG530+ GPU, dual-core CPU and 1Gb of RAM. Run acceptably on Adreno 225 GPU. Couldn’t test on Adreno 320 GPU.

Kinda pricey. Premium business model tend to fail on Android though, there are almost no successful games on Android for such a price.

I don’t think so. It’s cheaper than beer and cheaper than same game on Steam. Why should it be ever cheaper than $2.49, unless we do some sales special?

I know that Android is really crappy platform for pay-once games. The best model is free app + IAP. However, the game itself was never meant to be that way. Therefore I can’t do free + IAP and it’s been decided to release it as normal pay-once game, rather than not to release it at all :slight_smile: Gotta begin building presence on the platform :wink:

Steel Storm will be coming to iPad2+ soon, so I am hoping to see better sales on Apple’s front. Gamers on Apple seem to not be so cheap as on Android.

Btw, for all devs here who wants to use Blender + DP engine on Android - the future is already here :slight_smile:

$2.49 is pricey?

I’m guessing only tablets like the google nexus and such?

It runs on Motorola Defy, but not as fluid as on Nook Tablet (rooted) or Samsung Galaxy S3 (Exynos) phone :slight_smile: So it can run on 512Mb of RAM, just not recommended.