Steel Storm: Forgotten Prison DLC is out!

At long last, I released DLC for Steel Storm, dubbed Forgotten Prison:

Steel Storm itself is on sale for 20% off.

Just a little reminder about how this game relates to Blender - all 3D art was made in Blender, textures were done in GIMP


hey motorsep

congrats on the new dlc ^^

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Just out of interest, did you pay the people who worked on this?

I believe Steel Storm itself was made largely with interns, and I remember a particular rant about employment laws holding you back some, even.

Great work Motorsep, and congrats on the new DLC! I haven’t heard/seen anything about this project till just now oddly enough. How long have you been working on this game? Also, I like the graphics, will definitely support you project :wink:

Lol, one of the funniest jokes I’ve heard :slight_smile: No, I did it with a programmer and outsourced a few things like music/sfx/etc. No interns.

Thanks! Well, the original game was released in May 2011, and we worked on it part-time for 3 years (since we didn’t have much of experience back then, nor knowledge of the business side of things).

The DLC took 2 weeks production wise, and about the same to figure out horrible code programmer made (since he is no longer working with me) to be able to add a few features DLC needed.

I was thinking of this:

As Uncle Entity rightfully pointed out:

You claim that you won’t pay these people because they’re not good enough artists to be compensated for their labor but their work is good enough to be included in a game you plan to market commercially which is in fact selling the art which isn’t good enough to sell.

You also rant about Texas labor law, so I guess that’s where I remembered that from as well :slight_smile:

Time to make amends as they say, the games industry is pretty small.

+1 Might Pea, I remember the pathetic attitude on display in those threads.