Steel Storm indie game: updates

Do you want to know what carnage looks like in Steel Storm? It’s awesome! :slight_smile:
I just uploaded a new video at and few screenies at the IndieDB.
All the visual beauty is done with Blender, or at least 99% is done using it for sure.
Hopefully big demo will be out before September.
Thank you for your support.

Hey… this game looks great! Is Blender also used as GameEngine? Or “just” for modelling texturing etc.
Keep it up! This looks very promising! :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!
“Just” modeling and texturing :slight_smile: And animation. And level design. And will be used for intro cinematics.
I don’t want to start anything here, but there is are several reasons not to use BGE.
I wish developers would create very compatible toolset to be used with Darkplaces engine instead.

I am following your project quite some time now.
Too bad I am too busy with other projects, I would have loved to join at the point where you needed modelers :smiley:

I am happy to see you´r getting along so great, and I´ll make sure to get my copy once you´r done.

thank you thank you
We really hope to get demo out this month. We might need a modeler and texture artist :slight_smile: