Steel-string acoustic guitar (western guitar)


I want to show my finished project. I worked at this for the last month (not every week, but almost). I learned a lot things during this time about modelling, Blender and SubstancePainter.

So, let’s start first with some overview shoots. I used my Ibanez accoustic guitar as a reference.

The first problem I encountered was the hole in the middle. I had two or three approaches to get this hole, however I ended up by using the loop tools addon on a subdivided plane and basically built the guitar body completely by hand instead of working on a cube.

At the end, I had this body and the next thing to start were the details. So I started with the frets and the tuning mechanics. They are not that detailed and afterwards I started with the strings. Those are Bezier curves:

If you recongise, that all strings have the same width, I will explain that (stupid, studid) mistake a littler bit later. So, the main challenge for the Bezier curves was so lay the strings through the holes of the tuning mechanics:

I may added to much detail on those mechanics, at least for some parts. The screw nut could need a bit more details :smiley: The strings obviously are not realistic, the first three strings do not consist out of a single string in reality.

Here you can see the other part. So, I cheated a little bit, there are no holes for strings here :smiley:

Now, let’s have a look at some other detail shots before I will give a small summary :smiley:

So, let’s have a little summary. For textures I used SubstancePainter, I also learnt a lot more about Substance. The model was built mostly in Blender 2.7, for the renders I used Blender 2.8 because setting up the lightning is easier with Eevee in my opinion. The model is far away from perfect, the body could look more natural in my opinion, the strings all have the same size and sadly I lost the low-poly version which is the reasons I could not fix the body and the strings: When I started the assembly of the model I accidentally forgot to make a copy on a new layer/collection, the same for the strings :frowning: So, my low-poly version is lost and I was too lazy start again. So I finished the project now and took a couple of renders with Cycles.

So now that the project is over, I must definitely say, that I learnt a lot of valuable lessons for the next model, especially make copies of the file without applied subsurf modifiers …

Feel free to criticize things, there are obviously other issues with the model :smiley:

But now this project is done, and I think a made great progress over the last months when I think that I basically started with Blender Guru’s “Donut and Coffee Mug” Tutorial 6 months ago :smiley:


Great beginner project :slight_smile: the main issue with your model for me is the body of the guitar, yours is very lumpy compared to reference. there are also some seams in your textures, but keep at it. the next guitar you make you will have all the experience from this project and it will be even better :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback! :smiley: I am not happy with the guitar body too. The problem was that I worked with multiple versions of the mesh on different layers and before exporting it to Substance you need to apply the subsurf modifier. And because I was stupid, I forgot to copy the body without the applied subsurf and ended up on working on the only existing version of the body. It would have been easy to correct those issues on the base mesh, but that was lost. And to be honest, I was too lazy to start from scratch again. Same happened with the guitar strings, I am also not happy with them. But, for the next project I will keep copies of the blender file for every step or use git :smiley: :smiley: