Steelbird -finishline (New update 22/9)

i like that… are you thinking in animating that…

hattrick is a game online made in your country (i think) thats why i asked…

Yea, I took a look at the game and that was right! It’s a swedish online soccer-management-game. I’m not a very big fan of soccer though :smiley:

long time no chat kothe. mmm shiny nice work as always like the mechanic side of this one p.s nice / materials / shaders


looks good man. relly like the texture job you did on this bro.

ReaperX: Long time yea! I’m glad you liked it.

Mathew_von: It’s been to long bro, we have to catch up soon. I’m glad you like my works! Anything new from your side?

yea lol my landlords went in to my place and stoll 800 dollars so i moved out lol. i pawned my truck to get enogh cash to rent a house. it took 3 weeks to get internet going and oh yea my pc crashed on me so instead of getting my truck back i went out and spent the cash to build me a new pc. all in all its been a h00t of a good time lol anyhow man you know me no matter what im not gonna complaine. i am back up and running and am back on the project but the websites still down for the moment. anyhow man im on skyp so get ahold of me. oh and yea i really like that render >:)

Damn dude, sounds like you’re having the same kind of problems i’m having, I feel sorry for you.

I like the way you are doing the bird so far. Are you gonna make like a passenger seat inside or somehthing?

sprinkles: no, as you see on this update, it’s a closed body. But I’ll put some hightech-cabels from the body and to the head soon!

Minor update:

Please continue to crit… [!]

No crits?
Bad modelling? Good modelling?
Bad Light? Good Light?
Bad materials? Good Materials?

It’s hard to work without c&c! %|

really cool but maybe the plucks could be more reflective like platinum should be great a gold chiken!!!

a spiny tail could be nice… (unless it’s not in the original design…)

good mode… very good model… i wish i can made one with that quality…

in the back of the chiken you could open it a bit (something like a door) and show internal circuits and wires… hehe…

D_structorr: I will put some tail feathers on the back (not sure what you ment py a “spiny-tail”)

snk: Thanks. If there’s a hole to show the inside the bird will easely get injured. There will be some cables on the outside though!

Next step will be the cables and the legs! (Maybe a iron-worm too :P)

Here’s a pre-possition render:
I know that the picture is to bright and got too high contrast, but the renderingtimes is that long that I didn’t wanted to redo the render.

This is a thought of how the final render maybe will look like.

keep c&c

Here’s a blender internal render too:

Hope you like it :wink:

how do u put the neck like that…?!?

Looks very good and I love the concept. The only thing that is bothering me is the eye. I dont like the handle pipe things there, I think it would look better without em. Also for the final render you might want to use some sort of gi. Great job so far tho markus.

Forget the tail; this is Perfectly fine!!

marcus man i can never tell you how much i like the things you model awsome just sweet looking little guy, and i am sorry i missed your call bro i will be on all day tomorrow so drop me a line. good job man

I like the concept, reminds me of the bird in the “clangers”, a childrens tv show from years back.